Best Indie Games

After the advent of stores like Steam or GOG, the number of games developed by small teams also increased. Over the past few years, a lot of them have been released. Therefore, when compiling this list, we had a lot of choice, maybe even.. too much.

To evaluate everything that the industry has given us, we simply have to sum up some results. This is what we will try to do. Some of the games on the list were developed by first-year students, while others were developed by former employees of large companies that worked on AAA projects. But even so, they still have a lot in common.

So, what is the list of the best indie PC games? Puzzles, quests and even an action adventure game with a top view, there are projects for every taste. And believe me, you will want to play everything. Let’s get started.


Disco Elysium

Perhaps Disco Elysium is the best indie game of 2019. In the role of a very rumpled detective who drank all night until he lost his memory, you immediately have to investigate a terrible murder. Completely devoid of traditional action, Disco Elysium forces you to fight with your own mind to become the kind of detective you want, and then take advantage of this broken personality to get evidence from suspects.

But this would hardly have worked without a phenomenal performance, and in this regard, Disco Elysium is simply an incomparable RPG. Every interaction is filled with countless branches of dialogs, and each of them is simply filled to the brim with personality – this is what makes the game stand out so much.



This deeply moving ascent was not only one of the best indie games of the last few years, but also the game of the year [2018] on PC according to some publications. With simple and precise controls, Celeste is a great, challenging platformer, and the story takes the genre to the next level.

You play as a girl named Madeline, who decided to conquer the icy mountain Celeste, reaching its top. Making your way through the challenging levels of Celeste, you will have to die countless times, but a quick respawn and thoughtful words of encouragement after each death allow the game to attract you even when everything becomes difficult. And if the complex gameplay of Celeste scares you off, you should not worry either – there is a help mode where you can enable a wide variety of options that facilitate the gameplay. So you can enjoy the story regardless of your skill level.


Into the Breach

Into the Breach is not just one of the best indie games, but also one of the best strategy games of 2018. This is a turn-based indie strategy game from Subset Games, where you control giant mechs, trying to protect human civilization from bug-like creatures called Age, which have bred under the earth’s surface.

The battlefield here is a tight grid of 8×8 cells, and you will have to carefully consider your approach to the battle and regularly change tactics. Enemies can be blocked, destroyed and moved around the cells, so in a desperate attempt to save humanity, you will have many opportunities. Each randomly generated level requires a new tactic, and the realization that Enemies are easier to delay than destroy only complicates this strategic puzzle.


Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a relentless action platformer where death comes quickly and often. It’s a curious interweaving of different genres, but it’s best described as “roguevania”: a combination of interconnected locations and an unforgiving action game. This is a bloody and neon-colored beat’em’up, in which you have to explore dark dungeons and creepy towers, where there is simply nowhere to be saved, and the enemies are brutal and deadly.

Dead Cells is a tough nut to crack, but you’ll keep coming back to it with fast-paced action and a variety of upgrades that persist even after death, allowing you to gradually progress with each new game. Blood splatters flying out of enemies from your blows look simply amazing, and breaking through at full speed through the locations filled with monsters is just insanely fun.



Hades is considered not just the best indie game of 2020, but also the game of the year in general. Coming out of early access, it has gained unprecedented popularity-obviously, for a reason.

This is a bagel based on ancient Greek myths and gods. We will play as Zagreus, the prince of the Underworld, who, like a teenager, escapes from the supervision of his father Hades through the window in his chambers and goes to the outside world, on the way to which he is waiting for hellish opponents and bosses.

Excellent plot, high replayability, humor, combat system, twisted to the maximum theme of ancient Greek myths-these and other features have helped Hades become one of the best indie games.


Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game is a hybrid of a puzzle game and a joke game where you play as a goose with a very simple goal – to make a big mayhem in a quiet English village. First you terrorize a farmer and steal his crops, radio and keys for your party, and then you mock a little boy-tie his shoelaces, steal glasses and scare him in a phone booth.

There are plenty of activities to do in each location of this village, not to mention much more power-ups and hidden tasks that you can use to harass the inhabitants of this pastoral rural idyll for long hours before the end credits roll. Tasks gradually become more hazy, forcing you to experiment with the entire palette of everyday atrocities until you find the right sequence of actions to ruin your victim’s day. For example, if you steal a gardener’s radio while they are playing music, it will only attract them to your trophy cache, so the correct solution is to throw them in the pond before adding them to your list of loot.

With great animation and a primitive, low-poly aesthetic, Untitled Goose Game is fun to play, even if you’re stuck on a challenging puzzle. This is the gold standard of the grumpy goose simulator, whether you’re diving into a tangled slipper theft story or just loitering around the neighborhood and cackling at passersby.


The Witness

In a sense, Jonathan Blow can be called a pioneer who started the” boom ” of indie games. After all, almost ten years ago, he took part in the creation of Braid. His next project, The Witness, is a completely new type of puzzle.

Here you have a huge island at your disposal, studying which you will get acquainted with the plot and features of this world. In just two games (The Witness and Braid), Jonathan Blow clearly demonstrated how indies have changed.

In The Witness, the gameplay consists of solving puzzles. Their main feature is that they do not have any common solution algorithm. Each one adds new rules that complicate the process.

Another feature of The Witness is that it lacks training and hints. You will have to look for solutions yourself. To do this, you will first have to understand the essence of the first puzzle, and then apply the knowledge gained to complete the next one. By the way, the lack of training is another feature of games from Jonathan Blow.


Rocket League

From the very beginning, it should have been obvious that football and cars are a great mix to create one of the best indie games. And don’t try to point out other failed attempts by Psyonix to do something similar (like Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars). Despite the fact that these projects contradict what we said just above, Rocket League overshadows them all.

The game has two teams that drive cars and score goals. Therefore, in the process, you will also have to make sure that the balls bouncing off the bumper do not hit your goal.

Perhaps the reason Rocket League has become so popular is that it doesn’t have any special equipment, special skills, or different classes. All you do is just drive the car, while trying to develop some tactics to win. Not sure if your chosen strategy really works? Then ask special guides for help. After learning a couple of tricks, you will be able to masterfully handle the ball and score goals much more efficiently. Not to mention the management, having mastered the basics of which you will learn the game from a new side.



Playdead studio is in no hurry to say goodbye to its iconic monochrome game Limbo. With the release of Inside, she demonstrated how to change the original idea and make it even more interesting.

The pale palette doesn’t look as bright as the black and white tones in Limbo. But in general, the world around you seems much deeper, more detailed. Lighting also plays an important role. Objects that are not in the field of view disappear almost immediately. Which adds charm to Inside.

It’s hard to see any emotions on the main character’s face. But when he runs away from a pack of dogs or lands on the ground from a high height, his screams and moans are much more expressive than the protagonists of other games. Not to mention the agonizing emotions you’ll experience when strange masked men try to drown him.

Horror, as well as the atmosphere of mystery, are important components of Inside. As you progress, you will get to know the world more closely, and the puzzles will become even more difficult. Over time, you will begin to wonder: why do corpses come to life and how can you take advantage of this?

If we talk about the plot, then the form of narration here is very unusual. Therefore, you will have to deal with everything yourself. Gradually, you will learn new details about the dark world, the plot. The final will not leave you indifferent either. It is considered one of the most interesting, intriguing and widely discussed, which everyone understands in their own way.


Hypnospace Outlaw

In Hypnospace Outlaw, your job is to keep the Internet tidy. You will spend more than one hour digging through the profiles of Bebo-like social networks, fan sites and forums, punishing users for a variety of violations, from harassment to copyright infringement. Anyone who remembers the carefree days of the Internet will be able to plunge into nostalgia, looking at low-resolution training videos, a sea of pop-ups and a cluttered desktop with a bunch of GIFs.

But Hypnospace Outlaw is much more than a journey into the culture of the World Wide Web of the 90s. You won’t even notice how the game turns into a neo-noir thriller about the dangers of total control and censorship, and this theme is reflected in the gameplay. The game doesn’t hold your hand as you try to solve its puzzles, and its thoughtful storytelling and healthy humor will keep you busy until the very end.

Hynospace Outlaw is incredibly good at dragging you into its surreal interpretation of the Internet – as if it were the real 1999 – and you can easily lose a couple of hours reading teen dramas that you don’t care about at all, or customizing your desktop with all that huge pile of GIFs, wallpapers, and virtual pets.



Firewatch is an adventure game in which you control an observer of one of the fire towers in the Shoshone National Forest of Wyoming in 1989. You have to look after the territory of the park, and in one of the tasks you will have to deal with teenagers swimming in the lake…

The game is characterized by a slow pace of narration. Therefore, in the course of the passage, Henry will have time to think about his past more than once. Actually, this is exactly how the introduction to the Firewatch story will take place. This is a story about the problems in the life of a single person, not an entire galaxy. But this will not prevent you from empathizing with the main character.

You will learn more about Henry’s life thanks to his radio communication with his boss Delilah. And only her voice keeps Henry from being completely isolated. It will issue tasks, and sometimes just ask how you are doing. Every time you complete a mission, you’ll realize that there’s both comedy and drama in Firewatch.

This is a story about how much we can give and lose. Therefore, Firewatch is one of those games that are best run without knowing absolutely any details about the plot or gameplay mechanics. Even if the plot doesn’t really appeal to you, pay attention to Firewatch: it’s rare for a game to capture the atmosphere of that place and time so accurately. Also in such a beautiful way.



Oxenfree is great at everything, but in terms of dialogs, it is an order of magnitude superior to other popular indie games and confidently claims to be the best. The project was created by Telltale and Disney graduates.

Teen drama is characterized by a natural system of dialogues, perfectly written lines and other phrases exchanged between the main characters. Listening to them is really fun. And while you choose the appropriate cue, the game is not paused. Instead, at the beginning, you can choose the action that Alex will take while you think about what to say. Or refuse the offer and just remain silent, listening to your friends, who will continue to talk without your participation.

The game is somewhat similar to the X-Files series, only with the participation of teenagers. If at first the story resembles a typical horror movie, then after a few minutes you will realize that everything is much more complicated. As you progress through the game, you will have to explore the world and solve puzzles. By the way, Oxenfree has several endings. And if you want to get to know the main characters more closely, to understand their motives, then one passage will clearly not be enough.


Hotline Miami

Dark indie action game with a top view turns the battles from the first GTA into a real art. Hotline Miami is a brutal neon shooter that features extreme brutality and a surreal storyline.

Every day you get a mysterious caller who explicitly asks you to clear the building of bad guys. You will literally have to fight your way through every room, killing everyone who gets in your way. To do this, you can use melee weapons, rifles, and pistols. Couldn’t complete the mission the first time? Then click the “restart” button and start all over again. Believe us, you will have to do this more than once.

You will soon realize that you are the epitome of all that is usually inherent in antiheroes. You open doors with a flourish, break the noses of thugs, shoot a shotgun right in the face, throw bouncers from one corner of the room to another, simultaneously destroying everything around. In other words, you’re setting up a real massacre. Like the neon movies with Ryan Gosling, Hotline Miami 2 is not much better than the first part. Therefore, it is better to start getting acquainted with the series with the original game.


Stardew Valley

Despite the fact that Harvest Moon is a Nintendo console exclusive, there are a huge number of PC gamers who are not indifferent to it. This is partly why Stardew Valley has become so popular. This is a farmer’s life simulator with role-playing game elements, which has absorbed all the best from Harvest Moon and added a couple of its own advantages.

Stardew Valley begins with the protagonist inheriting an abandoned farm in the fictional Stardew Valley. At first, you will be exclusively engaged in planting new plants and selling them, but over time, your opportunities will only grow. In addition, you’ll be able to explore the game’s world shortly after you start.

The fact that the farm needs to be constantly monitored is rather not tiring, but rather relaxing. This is the perfect game for those who want to relax after a hard day’s work. In addition, Stardew Valley has a co-op mode and a huge number of mods available for download. This is an unforgettable adventure for all those who crave rustic peace.


Gone Home

In the game Gone Home, the main character returns home after a year of living abroad. Upon arrival, you find that the house is empty and no one is waiting for you. You will have to figure out what happened here and where everyone went. To do this, you will have to study in detail each room and left things, listen to audio cassettes scattered around the house.

This is a fascinating journey with elements of voyeurism, which you will not be able to enjoy watching letsplays or broadcasts on Twitch. Instead of watching someone else’s game, it’s much more fun to play it yourself and become part of the story. All in order to get acquainted with the life of three interconnected generations.

The gameplay is quite simple. You will wander around the house, study the things left by the tenants and learn the details of the family’s life literally bit by bit. The game addresses issues such as parenting and depression. By the end, you’ll realize that you’ve ended up with a much more interesting revelation than you expected at the beginning.


What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch has a lot in common with games like Gone Home and Firewatch. But at the same time, there are also new, unique ideas, thanks to which you can look at the popular genre today from a different angle. Not to mention the insanely fascinating plot.

What Remains of Edith Finch is a collection of different stories about the Finch family. And as one of its members, a girl named Edith, you return to the family mansion to solve the mystery of the curse. If you believe the rumors, this is the reason for the death of your relatives. The game tells the story of several generations and touches on such serious topics as depression, unusually weaving them into the gameplay. And, be sure that after passing the game, you will be impressed.



When roguelike games first began to appear, few games could boast the same advantages as Spelunky. Outwardly, it strongly resembles Mario (although because of the popular weapon here-the whip, it would be more logical to compare it with the films about Indiana Jones or the game Castlevania). You will find procedurally generated caves with approximately the same ratio of dangers and treasures.

Over time, you will find the perfect balance between collecting as many jewels as possible and not being killed by a huge spider or boulder that lands on top of you. If that happens, you can still try to get these treasures. Even if you die, you will still learn something new, and then use this knowledge in your next attempts. If you are lucky, then on your way you will meet a merchant from whom you can buy everything you need. And then go on a treasure hunt again.



In traditional RPGs, you almost always start your story by appearing in a small town or village. Only after completing a little training and getting acquainted with the inhabitants, you can start pumping the selected character. If we say that almost all the problems that you will encounter during the passage can be solved with weapons or magic, then we will not be mistaken either. But in Undertale, killing is a last resort, just like in real life.

In this amazing 16-bit indie RPG, you can subdue, calm down, and even flirt with your enemies. How you deal with your troubles will affect how other characters will treat you. If you decide to keep your enemy alive, you may see them again in the future, and you may even be able to make friends. If you still prefer to kill someone, then this decision will be fair.

You control a child who has fallen into a monster-filled world and is now trying to escape from it. You will find an incredibly exciting adventure with a detailed plot, unforgettable characters and an excellent soundtrack.


Telling Lies

Something always piques our curiosity when we delve into the unknown. In Telling Lies by Sam Barlow, you can experience this exciting experience by studying different people’s hard drives and watching videos captured on their computer webcams to get to know each character better.

Games that successfully explore the intersection of interactive cinema and gameplay are quite rare. It all boils down to a fairly simple process – you boot up your computer and find notifications with a series of videos available for viewing. To dig deeper, look for specific phrases and choose those that you think can bring results-opening up a lot of new areas for research.

Revealing the stories of these strangers is also quite dramatic. You won’t be able to feel safe in your virtual home. The reflection of your avatar is always visible, and the strange echoes of conversations outside your apartment door make you worry that someone will break in without warning and catch you peeping.



Gunpoint is a 2D puzzle game with stealth elements. The game takes place in the near future. The main character Richard Conway — “spy for hire” – gets at the disposal of the so-called “hyperstans”, with which you can jump huge distances and fall from any height without any harm. One day, he discovers that he is the prime suspect in a murder case, which, of course, he did not commit.

The game is a set of missions in which you must enter protected areas and steal, replace, destroy any data. Buildings that need to be accessed are shown in a cross-section, so you can immediately see all the security guards and the location of the desired terminal.

If you wish, you can threaten the guards with weapons, but over time you will find that it is more convenient to use the indicator light. For example, you can use it to open a door when you press the light switch, or when you get into the field of view of a security camera, an elevator is called instead of activating an alarm. The fun of the game is guaranteed.



Almost all the works of Supergiant Games deserve to be on the list of the best indie games. But we will mention only the latest release of the studio — Pyre. This is one of the most unusual games where there is nothing superfluous, and all the elements are connected. There are insanely beautiful graphics with excellent visual effects, a fantastic soundtrack and a heart-warming story. As for the gameplay, half of it consists of mechanics inherent in sports games, and the other half — role-playing.

Given the features mentioned above, such a hybrid is really difficult to describe. The game is a text-based adventure that tells the story of exiles fighting for their own survival. At the same time, you will get to know the world around you thanks to excellent hand-drawn locations.

To escape the badlands of the Pyre world, you will have to participate in magical basketball matches that are somewhat reminiscent of Quidditch with curses. Be prepared for the fact that you will be attracted not only by the main characters, but also by the tournament table. And believe me, it’s not just victory and glory that’s at stake.


Papers, Please

The game is set in 1982. You control the immigration inspector of the Arstocki checkpoint, whose task is to protect the homeland from terrorists, smugglers and wanted criminals.

You should process as many documents as possible every day. If you make even the slightest mistake, it will immediately affect your salary. If you don’t think it’s a big deal, then keep in mind that your family is in desperate need of money. And on too small a salary, you are unlikely to be able to provide a decent future for her. There is only one way out, to work hard.

Papers, Please is the best indie game where you can learn about your own moral principles. Every day you will be offered bribes, and you must choose between risking the security of the country and a better future for your own family.

Can you separate a married couple, if only one of them has all the documents in order, and prohibit the other from entering? Choosing the right solution will not be so easy. Be careful, because in Papers, Please the whole danger is that everyone here can be an enemy of the country, taking advantage of your kindness.

Would you be willing to make blood sacrifices for an anti-government organization? Of course, everything is exclusively for the benefit of Arstocki! Or are you ready to accept what is happening and drag out a miserable existence for the good of the communist state? It’s all up to you. Just stamp it.


Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods is an exciting 2D adventure from Infinite Fall studios. In the center of the plot is Mae, who dropped out of college and returned to her hometown of Possum Springs to meet her friends again. Upon arrival, she realizes how much everything has changed around her. The coal mines that helped develop the city have closed, and the residents are now unrecognizable.

As the game progresses, the story unfolds, revealing more and more terrible secrets of Possum Springs. Night in the Woods touches on such serious topics as economic turmoil, depression and other mental illnesses. Some things you only realize when the credits roll. You will definitely want to go through the game again to get to know the other residents of the town better and experience this adventure once again.

Don’t get hung up on the fact that this is a 2D game with a huge number of mini-games. This doesn’t really affect the gameplay, but it allows you to get to know the city of Possum Springs and its inhabitants better. The real secrets are hidden in May’s mind, and in time you will understand what difficulties she had to cope with.


Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program can hardly be called a game with the most beautiful graphics or attractive design. A frightening visual hides a simply incredible space simulator. In a sense, the game can be called NASA taikun, in which everything needs to be calculated with mathematical accuracy. You want the rocket you created to be able to go into outer space, don’t you?

To do this, you will have to think through every detail to the smallest detail. It will be a long time before you launch your first rocket, which will reach the stratosphere instead of crashing on rocks at a speed of about 10,000 kilometers per hour. But with more experience, you will understand what indicators you need to monitor more closely.

The Kerbal Space Program encourages those who know how to set goals for themselves and are willing to fulfill private and government contracts. This way you will earn enough money that you can spend to learn new skills in the technology tree to create something truly incredible.

The game does not limit you in ideas, so you can design the most unusual rockets that have little to do with real science. It doesn’t matter if it can take off. That’s not the point. Kerbal Space Program is one of the best indie games we’ve ever played.



The glorious mythology and history of Ancient Scandinavia inspired the developers to create many interesting projects of various genres. Northgard indie studio Shiro Games is definitely one of them.

Northgard is a real-time strategy game with a lot of focus on urban planning and survival. Of course, the classic elements, such as resource extraction and battles with enemies, remain in the foreground, but you should not forget about taking care of your Vikings. Fed, warmed, and happy, the slasher fights bears and wolves roaming around the settlement much more effectively than a skinny, freezing beggar.

Urban planning is the next very important point in the gameplay. The buildings themselves are not very many, but their timely construction, proper location and upgrade directly affect the prosperity of the ever-growing clan. By the way, there are as many as 6 clans in Northgard – each with its own unique strategic style.

Random events add interest to everything that happens on the screen (for example, a snowstorm or an invasion of the undead army), sea travel (what a Viking game without them!) and the ability to choose the path of development – military conquest, trade or wisdom.

In addition to the story campaign dedicated to the Viking colonization of a new mysterious continent, the game features multiplayer, as well as the ability to compete against AI on a huge number of available maps.


The Forest

The brightest representative of the open-world survival game genre, which in The Forest is represented by a huge uninhabited island with dense forests, hills, reservoirs and intricate caves. However, over time, the hero will have to learn with unpleasant surprise that the island is not so completely uninhabited – in the mentioned caves there are tribes of cannibals with disgusting genetic mutations.

Hiding out in their caves during daylight hours, they go out hunting at night, so the player will have to work hard to build a reliable shelter with a strong palisade and traps for uninvited guests. Collecting resources and remaining weapons and tools after the plane crash (and the hero got to the island as a result of a plane crash, while losing his son, whose search is the main goal of the game), building and crafting, as well as battles with the terrible local aborigines – all this is the essence of The Forest gameplay.

All the action takes place with a first-person view, the island pleases with its elaboration and variety, and night attacks of cannibals add a fair share of horror to the action and grind with the collection of materials. You can play either alone or in co-op with a friend.



The style of ice post-apocalypse is quite rare in the world of computer games. Therefore, the urban planning simulator with elements of survival from 11 bit studios deserves attention, if only for the reason that it offers gamers to plunge into the plausibly conveyed atmosphere of an icy hell, where everything is constrained by a multi-meter layer of ice and snow, and the temperature of-50-60°C can be considered a pleasant thaw.

However, the gameplay of Frostpunk turned out to be incredibly exciting and versatile. In the role of the leader of the remnants of humanity, the player must develop the city of New London, using fancy steam technology. Moreover, the responsibilities of the city governor in Frostpunk are not limited to architectural and construction works and the establishment of urban infrastructure.

The player’s attention and competence are focused on all areas of the new society’s life, all pressing and possible future concerns. Making difficult decisions with often unpredictable consequences is an important part of Frostpunk gameplay. Problems with food, social inequality, outbreaks of epidemics and lack of medicines, equipment failure, lack of man-hours, the emergence of a new aggressive political faction, the preparation of an expedition for resources – these are just a small list of those issues and responsibilities that will be the responsibility of the player throughout the game.


Slay the Spire

Indie games are the main source of original projects with unexpected game mechanics. And the game called Slay the Spire serves as another confirmation of this. The closest definition of this game is Dungeon Crawler with elements of roglayka and KKI.

The main character is sent to explore a huge mysterious Spire, the internal locations of which are randomly generated each new launch. The location of levels, monsters, maps, relics-all this will have a new composition and sequence each time.

Battles in Slay the Spire take place in a turn-based mode using ability cards that the player will find and select into their deck as the game progresses. Developers from Mega Crit Games assure that more than 200 unique maps and more than 100 in-game items are available in the game. And in the future, their number will only grow due to updates and additions.

Characters in Slay the Spire are available for a choice of 3 pieces, each with distinctive features. But everyone has the same goal – to get to the top of the magic spire, collecting as many artifacts as possible along the way.


Mount & Blade: Warband

One of the best role-playing action games that offers players to immerse themselves in a harsh world Medieval, even if fictional. Free to travel on the global map of Calradia, each of the players can choose an activity to their liking: become a merchant, the leader of a band of robbers, a noble landowner or even the king himself! There are plenty of opportunities and ways to achieve your goals here.

Well, if the story campaign is boring, you can try your hand at multiplayer battles designed for 64 players. There are a variety of modes, from the standard “Battle” and “Capture the Flag”, to the more colorful and medieval “Siege” and “Conquest”. There are also an incredible number of modifications available for the game, both fitting into the inner ent of Mount & Blade, and transferring the action to other popular universes, for example, in “Game of Thrones”, “Lord of the Rings”or even ” Star Wars”.

Among other pleasant features of Mount & Blade: Warband, it is worth noting the presence of several factions with unique units that can be upgraded, many types of weapons and armor, various tasks, jousting tournaments, mass battles with original, very simple and interesting battle mechanics, as well as an authentic medieval world.


Castle Crashers

Bright two-dimensional beat’em up, dedicated to the adventures of brave little knights who went to rescue the kidnapped princesses. You can play Castle Crashers both alone and in co-op mode, which for obvious reasons is much preferable.

What’s in store for the player in Castle Crashers? First, bright hand-drawn graphics with cute main characters, memorable locations and a variety of opponents, including unexpected bosses. Secondly, stable dynamics and variety in gameplay. This is due to the high interactivity and destructibility of levels, an abundance of opponents and bosses with unique battle styles, mini-games and a large selection of weapons. Plus, the game has more than 2 dozen playable characters, each with their own characteristics and abilities.

Third, bouncy music that enhances the feeling of a fun and slightly crazy adventure, and encourages the player to enthusiastically destroy everything around them. Finally, fourthly, an interesting (though too straightforward) plot with an abundance of humor.

It should also be noted that in addition to the main story campaign in Castle Crashers there are several additional modes, including a competitive arena.



Isometric role-playing game with an open world and elements of survival, which will be equally interesting for fans of classic RPGs, and fans of any modern hardcore survivalists.

In Kenshi, the player finds himself in a huge open world, living his own life, in which no restrictions and rules apply. You can die in the first five minutes, or you can live a long virtual life by building your own settlement (city, state) and acquiring your own army.

Building, crafting, traveling, trading, stealing, fighting, mercenary-in Kenshi, you can be anyone and do anything. Perhaps this is the main advantage of the project. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that this whole simulation turned out to be quite meticulous and hardcore, and casual players may not be able to handle it.

As for the entourage, the world in Kenshi resembles a cross between post-apocalyptic wastelands and some exotic fantasy from action movies about samurai and ninja.


Crypt of the NecroDancer

A fun project in the genre of rhythm games and roguelike, which pleases with its excellent pixel graphics, great music and exciting, but challenging gameplay. The music here comes almost to the fore. It’s diverse, catchy, and so great that you can listen to it even outside of Crypt of the NecroDancer.

Opponents and bosses in Crypt of the NecroDancer (or at least most of them) move to the beat of the music along with the hero, transferring the battle from the usual meat rubilov to the category of a real dance battle.

The game has local multiplayer, allowing you to play with a friend on the same computer, which is very cool and even more interesting than one.

Otherwise, the game features the usual pixel roguelike attributes: travel through dungeons, kill enemies, collect loot, and so on. Which, of course, is also very good. Plus, the game offers a variety of gradually unlockable content and modes.



Terraria is a journey into a vibrant fairy-tale world with limitless possibilities. Once on an unknown planet with empty pockets, the player can eventually build an entire kingdom with castles and other buildings that will be inhabited by NPCs.

The game has a two-dimensional view and pixel graphics, the world is arranged like a sandbox and is open for free exploration in all directions. That is, Terraria is a successful combination of several genres at once: platformer, RPG and survival, where you can build, craft, travel and fight with a variety of enemies, including bosses.

Also in Terraria, a co-op mode is available, allowing you to go on an adventure through the local huge pixel world with a friend. By the way, the world is randomly generated with each new game. There is also a simple character editor that allows you to give your miniature protégé a unique appearance.


Holdfast: Nations At War

Multiplayer indie shooter Holdfast: Nations At War offers to try on a two-cornered hat and take part in the Napoleonic Wars. 150 desperate fighters fight on the same server both on land and at sea, and players take on different roles and try to lead their side to victory.

Holdfast: Nations At War boasts a class system, atmosphere Napoleonic Wars and a variety of gameplay. A great option for those who are tired of sitting out their pants in the trenches during the First and Second World Wars.


Among Us

The popularity of Among Us in 2019 broke out beyond reason – the game was discussed in social networks, on YouTube… Yes, almost everywhere. And, it would seem, what is so important about it? This is an indie game with asymmetrical gameplay, in which the crew of a spaceship tries to complete their tasks and identify the traitor in the ranks, which ruins their plans.

But in the presence of a stranger among your own, the trick of Among Us is-thanks to this, each game is not like the previous one, and if you still play as a traitor, then the game becomes as interesting as possible. It is noteworthy that Among Us on PC is available for a fee, but on mobile platforms it can be downloaded for free.



Raft survival simulator throws you into the pacific and picturesque ocean, but not at all to enjoy the scenery presented. You will have to survive on a raft, get supplies, craft and defend yourself from the toothy ones. However, life is not limited to the territory of the raft – you can dive under water or get out on land.

The game will delight you with an abundance of mechanics, polished gameplay and the possibility of cooperative passage. A great reason to write to your friends, even if they have weak PCs – Raft is undemanding to hardware.



Cooperative Horror Game Phasmophobia has collected everything we know about ghosts and other evil spirits – in this game you will take on the job of a ghost hunter, but in the arsenal you will have salt, a cross and a flashlight. You will have to fulfill contracts, identify a sinister entity in various places and try to expel it with your grandfather’s methods. Or run away.

Phasmophobia attracted a huge audience even at the early access stage. All because this horror is quite realistic, and the abundance of gameplay mechanics makes you return to it again and again, and it is better to do it with friends.

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