Cyberpunk 2077 leveling guide and tips

V has five basic parameters: strength, reaction, technique, intelligence, and composure. Each of them is associated with 2-3 skills, for example: the reaction affects the short barrel, guns and blades. As the parameter is pumped, skills also improve. In this guide, we will talk about pumping and give a build to create a universal character for the first pass.

The main thing to remember is that all skills swing as they are used. Simply put, if you kill enemies with pistols and revolvers, you will increase the skill of the short gun. At the same time, it (skill) can not grow higher than the corresponding characteristic, that is, if the VI has a 4-th reaction, then the short-barreled gun will not rise above 4.

Each skill has two lines of perks, so-called development rewards. They open linearly and give small bonuses, for example: reducing recoil, increasing maximum health, etc. in Addition, there are ” big ” perks, and they give the best bonuses, for example: immunity to damage from their own grenades, an increase in armor by 10%.

Perks Cyberpunk 2077

First of all, the choice of perk depends solely on the associated characteristics, that is, if V has an Athletics skill equal to two and at the same time the strength is pumped up to 12, then you can take almost any Athletic perk.

Perk points are awarded when you level up, as well as when you develop skills, but the perk earned in athletics can be safely spent on another skill, for example, hacking.

In addition, Riperdal sold by a particular chip “Formatting”. This chip allows you to redistribute all perks, except for the main characteristics: strength, techniques, etc.

Specs Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 specs

Each feature has its own unique feature, and so let’s look at how they can affect GamePlay.


In addition to influencing the skill and strength, it allows you to pull out a gun from the turret, thus disarming it. Also, some weapons require a certain number of units of power to use them. And do not forget that certain weapons affect the speed of movement, for example: a heavy machine gun will not allow you to run, and a heavy revolver has a strong recoil. The main advantage of high strength is the opening of locked / stuck doors, but not all of them. To open more complex doors, you will need a high “Technique” score.


Allows you to disable the camera and defused the explosives. However, all the same can be done with the help of hacking. But the main feature of the “Technique” is the effect on damage from electromagnetic weapons and crafting.


This characteristic is responsible for hacking. A high level of intelligence allows you to hack data ports where you play a “mini-game”. Hacking the data port gives you a decent amount of game currency-Euro-dollars.

Reaction and composure

Unfortunately, these two characteristics have no side uses other than checking in dialogs, which open additional replicas in dialogs. But The cyberpunk 2077 dialogs need all the characteristics.

Distribution of characteristics for the first pass in Cyberpunk

Distribution of characteristics for the first pass in Cyberpunk

We recommend that you upgrade two skills to 6 units: Strength and Intelligence. And the last point to invest in Composure, because it is checked in the dialogues more often than other parameters.

This build allows You to use any type of weapon, because there are a decent number of guns that require a certain level of Strength in the game, but there are practically no equipment that requires reflexes.

The second advantage of this distribution of points is-ubaltyvanie, the use of workarounds and confident hacking.

Thus, at the exit You get a universal hero who can use almost any weapon, which will allow You to decide on the style of passing and choose your favorite gun.

Recommendations Cyberpunk 2077

Recommendations Cyberpunk 2077

After you have dealt with the pumping of your character, we will give you a couple of useful tips that will be useful to you at the beginning of the game:

  • Buy a “Strengthened tendon”cyber implant as soon as possible. Since this implant gives a double jump, which in turn will simplify the study of the world, the passage of stealth and combat skirmishes.
  • If you want to collect a collection of unique weapons, then look carefully at the equipment icons. As a rule, the background of serial samples is dark, and unique trunks are yellow.
  • Try to use the scan mode more often. This mode highlights nearby loot. In addition, in the “Scan” mode, you can mark enemies so that you can then see them through walls.
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