Genre – Shooter game
Stylistics – History
Platform – PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Developer – Darkflow Software

Enlisted Game Review

Enlisted is an online World War II shooter game from Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software. The project was presented as an open development, which means that users themselves carry out additional funding and in the future will be able to choose the direction they are interested in in the development of Enlisted, whether it is campaigns or game modules.

All the famous battles of World War II are represented in Enlisted by various campaigns: “The Battle of Moscow”, “The Normandy Landings”, “The Tunisian Campaign” and others. The size of the maps is hundreds of square kilometers, and you will have to fight on them alone or with your squad. In total, the location can fit up to a hundred people.

There are also several character classes with their own unique style of play, a huge number of weapons and equipment. And the latest version of the Dagor Engine renders excellent graphics with dynamic sky and water, along with huge detailed spaces thanks to the correct rendering.

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