Features: Simulators

Developers: HOOLIGAPPS

Year of production: 2021

Game genre: Browser-Based

Official website: FAP TITANS


All the necessary and up-to-date information that you need to get acquainted with the game faptitans. description of the gameplay, demonstration of screenshots and video materials, as well as a rating based on real player ratings.

FAP TITANS is a classic browser clicker that is designed for players from the 18+age category.

FAP TITANS game review


This game is an endless clicker that can diversify your day and make it a lot of unforgettable emotions. This is a great opportunity to relax after a hard day’s work or have fun in the break between the orders of the authorities. But playing alone will definitely not bring the desired emotions, which is why the developers decided to add a lot of characters in the face of the fairer sex. They will be your companions in battles with bloodthirsty monsters. But each heroine is not important praise, and reward on your part. so be generous to achieve your goals.

some of the heroines will join your team almost instantly. and some will require an impressive fee, which means that you will need to accumulate a certain amount of capital. But, having forked out, you will be able to make associates of unique characters who have all the skills to effectively fight the enemy.

When you complete each level, you will receive increased rewards. But it should be understood that each time the opponents will become stronger, and it will be very difficult to overcome them. To win, you will need unique character skills and team cohesion.

FAPTITANS plot description


Well, of course, the game is just a lot of different bosses. One of them occurs every 5 completed levels. At the same time, the amount of health will be several times higher than the same indicators of your character. But it should be understood that the stronger the defeated boss is, the higher the reward for killing him will be. as you progress, you will receive not only various stones and gold, but also valuable chests. and they can be an incredible reward, ranging from the same gold, and ending with erotic cards.

But they are not only details of an entertaining nature. collecting cards has a certain meaning, and each collection will also bring you nice prizes.

Heroes, bosses and characters of FAP TITANS

Fap Titans Game

In addition to the above, the game has several superheroes that help improve the skills of your character. each of these heroes can end up in a chest purchased for the internal currency-diamonds. but they are not easy to get, because they are stones that provide many powers to improve the conditions of the gameplay. In general, it will not be easy without donat, but it is not a mandatory element of progress, and therefore you can do without it.

Separately, it is necessary to mention the daily tasks. Completing each one will bring you nice prizes. So everything is in your hands!

Multiplayer of game FAPTITANS

Fap Titans Hero

As you can understand, the presented game is browser-based, and accordingly the competitive element has become an integral part in this case. In view of the above, in the order of competition in 24 hours, you will have to complete a number of specific tasks in order to earn points to beat your opponents in many ways. So, to do this, you will need to pay special attention to the development of game characters, try to quickly overcome the game levels and improve your own castle.

For beheading each leader, you will get 5 points, 10 levels passed will bring 10 points, increasing your companions gives 1 point for every 25 levels, rebutting the world will give 25 points. But this is not all the actions, and you can get acquainted with the full range already during the game.

The multiplayer itself includes several leagues, and at the initial stage it is necessary to get into them, because after the start of the game, each user is located at zero, and any of the actions performed contributes to progress and increase in the game ladder. Each gamer will have to pass a stage ranging from 100 to 500. But on it, players do not rely on any prizes. this is just a transitional stage to the next range, where you can compete for impressive bonuses.

Passing the league and heroes in FAP TITANS

Fap Titans Log in

This will be followed by the silver league, where users can expect to receive gold earned for playing without interruption for 24 hours. You will also receive a boost card for your character, which will gradually expose her. There are other leagues in which Mono receive similar gifts with odds of x2, x3, for the Gold and Top League respectively. Thus, you can understand that to achieve grandiose results, you will need to devote as much time as possible to the gameplay. But it will not be easy, because competitors are always ready and eager to find a weak spot in your character.

Fap Titans Log In

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