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In the modern world, it is very difficult to surprise players, many developers are introducing new features, improving graphics, making plausible physics of objects in the game. Many people spend a lot of money on creating content, and then on advertising their products. But unfortunately or fortunately, the world of online games is so big that many projects are simply lost in it, and to stand out among many, you need to make a very good and interesting game or add something that is not present in other games.

Today we will talk about games that contain explicit content, the so-called category of games for adults. In this collection there will be completely different games, some of which are familiar browser MMORPG but with naked characters, other games are text stories with juicy pictures, the rest are simulators of sex and other perversions. Meet a selection of online games for adults.

Just want to highlight the fact that many games are no different from regular browser games, they have only one feature, the texts can be used mate, and the images will be uncensored.

Cunt Wars – Editor’s choice

Cunt Wars - Editor's choice

Cunt Wars is a strategy card game that will amaze you not only by giving you crazy graphics, but also colorful characters, mostly women, as well as amazing stories and missions.
This is a turn-based RPG with elements of hentai, anime graphics, advanced gameplay and beautiful and Nude girls. The game is exclusively for adults, there is no Russian language yet, the game is completely free.

  • Browser-based — available from any device
  • Language — All


Fap Titans (Idle Game)

Fap Titans

Fap Titans is a browser-based clicker game where with every bad guy you kill during a quest, you’ll get a hot beauty to join your team. The game has very interesting mechanics, nice anime graphics, and of course beautiful girls with piquant forms.

As you progress, you will see similar videos:


  • Browser-based – available from any device
  • Language — All

Sex Wars | TOP!

Sex Wars top rated

SexWars is a fresh and very interesting project for adults! If you are looking for virtual sex and communication with people of different genders, then you have come to the right place. In this game, you can try everything that you are shy in real life. Currently, there are about 1 million players from Russia and the CIS, which means that everyone will find a match for their interests. For a detailed review and video of the game, see here.

  • Client – only works on Windows – ATTENTION! You can’t download it to your phone!!!
  • Language — All

Love City | Sims for adults

Love City Sims for adults

Love City 3D is a simulator of the life of young people, where you can have a cool time and chat. A huge variety of things for your individual image, as well as the opportunity to realize your sexual fantasies, and behave as you want. The game offers various parties, weddings, Dating and other delights of active life of young people!

  • Client – only works on Windows
  • Language — All


Cunt Empire – HIT

Cunt Empire 18+

Cunt Empire is a clicker, or Idle, fresh game for an adult audience, which has very nice graphics and as a reward for completing a level, a video with real models from the porn industry opens.

Join the depraved world of hot and passionate adult shows. Your task is to turn your decaying Studio in an alley into a leading factory on the market. Browse every inch of the city in search of desperate Babes crazy enough for the audience to orgasm. The desire for a potential new camera model to join your growing Studio increases as your Empire becomes more visible. Real models such as Little Caprice, Liya Silver, Apolonia Lapiedra can be rented. Construction of the Empire – it was exhausting work, but enjoyable work. Balance the care and modernization of the Studio with meeting the growing needs of your horned models.
A detailed review can be found here

  • Browser-based – works on all devices

Pussy Saga

Pussy Saga 18+

Hire babies who have skills both in fighting and in bed to rid the Kingdom of terrible creatures. Enjoy the best hentai stories with beautifully drawn characters.

Immerse yourself in the colorful and exciting world of hentai, filled with the nastiest of babies. Discover their juicy desires as you progress through the levels of the game. Enjoy the incredible illustrations, fun and creative dialogues and gameplay. Treat yourself to juicy hentai stories and a kaleidoscope of beautifully crafted characters that tease the palate of the most experienced connoisseurs of this genre. Pussy Saga is more than just erotic, it’s the most challenging erotic game you’ve ever seen! Try it!

  • Browser-based – works on all devices

Sweet F. Cake

Sweet F. Cake 18+

Sweet F. Cake – an amazing story about a typical Soviet pioneer, whose life was not the most successful for him: a Friend does not stand the test of time, and the girl with whom the hero has been in love since childhood, perceives him as a sister with a child-bearing organ. Everything goes to hell until an old man appears and hands the young man an envelope, inside which he finds something that allows him to” replay ” the current situation and, perhaps, even multiply the once existing successes. The only thing that the owner of the envelope asks in return is virginity, which the main character is so zealously trying to get rid of. Whether he agrees or not will depend on you.

  • Game from the author of the comic book series “Sweet cupcake”.
  • After passing, you will need urgent hospitalization in the nearest Department of the dispensary.
  • More than 6 endings (7!!!).
  • 4 beautiful heroines with whom you can have a love affair or masterfully quit.
  • Only in this visual novel will you be lucky enough to join the elite “lonely hearts Club”.
  • All employees of the “security” for the fight against immorality made a pre-order of the “Edition of the Men’s club”.




COCKHEAD reveals the story of the penis, the penis that could. Yes, you heard right, this game is about him. Experience an amazing adventure with our main character, enjoy fully hand-drawn graphics, original story and jazz music in the style of Big Band.

This is a Comedy game for adults in the genre of action, with cool hand-drawn graphics and an exorbitant atmosphere. The game is paid, but it costs adequate money.

  • The game is available for Windows
  • The game is paid

3DXChat — Simulator + VR

3DXChat 18+

3DXChat is a unique online game that is designed for an adult audience. The game has stunning, realistic graphics and a large selection of your actions and features. Here you can create a character, make the design of your apartment or to build an entire island, and after to have a party and engage in amorous pleasures. The game has VR and you can buy certain gadgets, to lie virtual sex in real feelings. The game is paid, the subscription price is 10 USD per month or 50 USD per year (now the promotion is valid).

  • The game is only available for PC

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