When will Genshin Impact be released on the Nintendo Switch?

Studio miHoYo managed to release, if not a 100% shareware hit, then at least a high-quality interpretation of the ideas laid down in Legend of Zelda. The similarities are observed not only in the visual style (with the exception of animated characters), but also in terms of the dungeons that the hero needs to clear.

Gamers are wondering when Genshin Impact will be released on the Nintendo Switch? The question is natural, since all other relevant platforms (including smartphones on iOS and Android) have already been visited by the work. The exact release date is not reported by the developers, but they do not deny that they are actively working on a port for a hybrid device.

What is the reason for the delay and when to expect a release? First, now the authors are struggling with the periodic drop in servers, due to the constant influx of new audience. The concept of Free-to-Play contributes to this in every possible way, there is nothing to be surprised at.

Secondly, the Switch has strict quality control with multi-factor approval of the project until the release takes place in the eShop. The team at miHoYo is relatively small, so we have to give priority to the most important work – optimization.

Genshin impact Nintendo Switch

When will Genshin Impact be released on the Nintendo Switch? Approximate release date

Based on previous MMORPGs that were ported in a similar way, I will make the following assumption: before the end of 2020 or in the 1st quarter of 2021, we will still see the port. It will be distributed in a similar way, without requiring a network subscription to run.

By that time, more content will probably be added, since the developers really have plans for this. Read more in this article, and at the same time share in the comments how you feel about this multiplayer role-playing game. My impressions remain positive, especially in co-op mode. It’s fun to play, but there is simply no hard link to donat.

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