Indie games for weak PC

This article contains a list of the best indie games for weak PCs that will definitely impress you!

One of the main features of many indie games is the low power requirements of the computer. We have collected great games for you with good graphics and addictive gameplay.

  • Conflict of Nations: World War 3 – free online strategy game about the confrontation of countries involved in the Third World War…
  • NEXTRP: GTA Russia is an open-world multiplayer action game that gives players a long-awaited opportunity to immerse themselves in role-playing games…



Castle Crashers

An adventurous two-dimensional arcade game designed for multiple players (although you can also play it alone). Taking on the role of a knight, you will embark on an intense adventure. You will have to upgrade the characteristics of the hero, use various weapons (more than 40 types) and choose a charming animal as a companion.

The appeal of Castle Crashers lies in its simplicity. This is a colorful and cute story about knights who defend castles, save kingdoms from monsters, and fight for the hearts of beautiful princesses. System requirements

BRAID (2008)


The plot of the adventure platformer Braid is dedicated to the guy Tim, who goes to various fantastic worlds to save the princess, and each of them has unique features. The hero has an unusual ability-time control, and it is the main feature of Braid.

This is another great indie game for weak PCs. System requirements

LIMBO (2010)


Adventure horror about a boy who went in search of his sister. To do this, he enters Limbo – the place of residence of souls who did not go to heaven. The graphics are made in black and white monochromatic tones, which gives the game a frightening atmosphere.

Gameplay includes completing linear missions. The player simply moves forward and encounters various obstacles and enemies. Often you will need to solve puzzles based on simple laws of physics. Often you will die trying to solve a particular problem. This atmospheric adventure, which has won many awards, will surely not leave you indifferent. System requirements


The Binding of Isaac

Indie action game about a boy who hid in the basement, fleeing from a distraught mother. But his adventures do not end there, because underground he discovers a whole network of rooms inhabited by monsters. Armed with his own tears, he descends lower and lower…

The Binding of Isaac is a great game in its genre. Rooms are randomly generated, and during the passage you can find various artifacts (with positive or negative effects). And these items are more than 100! There are boss battles, and there are several heroes with different abilities to choose from.System requirements


Plague Inc: Evolved

Strategy, a simulation game in which the player has to destroy the entire world in various ways! You will have to launch a virus and modify it, observing how it affects humanity. Eventually, the world’s population must disappear, and if they find a way to defeat the disease, you will lose. You can infect absolutely any country and watch the virus “travel” around the world.

Initially, it was a game for phones, but later it moved to the PC. The version for computers was supplemented with a co-op mode (that is, you can play with friends) and support for custom modifications. System requirements


Hotline Miami

Non-stop action with a top view. The player, wearing one of the masks (this will give him various abilities), will go to perform numerous tasks, the purpose of which is to clear the building and fight the boss (if he is present). The series consists of two parts, and each received excellent reviews.

Hotline Miami attracts with its dynamic gameplay. You can break down doors, shoot through walls, use cold weapons and firearms. At the same time, the main character is not immortal – he will easily die from one or two bullets. You can plan your attack, but often things don’t go according to plan and you have to improvise. System requirements

FEZ (2012)


A two-dimensional platformer dedicated to the story of Gomez. One day, he receives a gift from a stranger – a magical fez that allows him to see the world in three dimensions. Unwittingly, Gomez is drawn into the story of saving the world.

Thanks to this artifact, the player can turn the world 90 degrees at any time and see previously invisible platforms, passages, doors, and secrets. This feature is also useful for moving around the game world. Otherwise, FEZ is a high-quality, good platformer with appropriate mechanics (collecting items, moving through levels, and so on).System requirements


Rogue Legacy

In Rogue Legacy, you will go as a knight to clear the castle, and you will die there. The game has a unique idea: after death, the player chooses the heir of his hero and accepts his role, and the new character will not be perfect (thin, fat, giants, dwarfs, colorblind people, and so on). Thus, each of your attempts to clear the castle will be unique (in addition, the levels are randomly generated).

The castle is divided into several areas, in each of which monsters and a boss are waiting for you. After the defeat, you can spend the found coins to upgrade your skills. This way, as you get stronger, you can reach the heart of the castle and defeat the main boss! System requirements


Don’t Starve

The game is about survival in a dark world. The main character is the scientist Wilson, who was captured by a demon and sent to his own world. He will have to survive, adapting to local conditions, but soon you will understand that in this place you need to play by special rules.

At first, Don’t Starve will seem like an ordinary survival simulator with resource extraction, but gradually various features of this game will begin to appear. For example, the hero needs to maintain his sanity, otherwise he will go crazy and start seeing monsters. Sometimes hellhounds will come for your soul and you’ll have to fight them off. Wilson can invent various devices and even portals to other worlds.

You can play Don’t Starve in co-op mode, which was released separately under the name Don’t Starve Together System requirements




A third-person action RPG. You will learn the story of a girl named Red, who wants to take revenge on an organization that attempted to kill her. In an unequal fight with her enemies, the heroine has a serious argument in the form of a two-handed sword Transistor.

You can play the game simultaneously in two modes: planning and real-time. At the planning stage, you can select a sequence of commands for the character, and he will automatically perform them. The hero can be upgraded by selecting abilities when moving to a new level.

Transistor was created by Bastion developers and also received a lot of positive feedback. We definitely recommend playing it, even if you don’t have a weak PC.System requirements


Airships: Conquer the Skies

In Airships: Conquer the Skies, you will feel like a designer: you will have to build a flying ship from scratch from various modules and test it, conquering the skies. The action takes place in the steampunk universe, but it also has fantastic creatures (for example, huge monsters).

The ship will be manned by dozens of sailors, and you can watch the process. Naturally, your creation can be tested for strength by going into battle with NPCs or other players. Ships are completely destructible (they can explode, catch fire, or fall apart). The idea is implemented at the highest level, and therefore Airships: Conquer the Skies has earned a place in our top.System requirements


The Escapists

A series of humorous strategies dedicated to the life of prisoners in prison. Once behind bars, you will think out an escape plan. But how will you get out? Make an agreement with the security guards? Raise a riot? Dig a tunnel with a spoon? The number of possible escape scenarios is quite impressive.

For gamers, there are many different prisons available, over 100 items (including crafting). In the second part, a cooperative mode has appeared – you can play the game with friends on the same side, or split up and take on the roles of guards/prisoners. System requirements


Hyper Light Drifter

Two-dimensional action game with RPG elements. The game catches first of all with high-quality graphics and music. You play as a Drifter who, with access to advanced technology, travels through the ruins that remain from the former world, in search of a rare medicine. In the arsenal – an energy sword, a pistol and a couple of bombs.

The player is invited to gradually discover and explore locations in which he will stumble upon ordinary enemies and bosses. Detailed exploration of the world is encouraged, because there are many secrets hidden in it. Hyper Light Drifter has an average score of 8-9 points out of 10, and the game will run smoothly on weak computers.System requirements


Human: Fall Flat

Fun, ridiculous situations and a great reason to spend time with friends-this can describe the funny platformer Human: Fall Flat, in which faceless heroes overcome various obstacles. They are not easily amenable to them, because the game implements realistic body physics, and therefore the characters are clumsy dolls that can easily trip over a pebble and fly into the abyss.

Human: Fall Flat is perfect for playing with friends, even if they have a weak PC. Co-op mode supports up to 8 players, and you can complete both official levels and those created by enthusiasts in the Steam workshop.System requirements

CELESTE (2018)


Celeste can be called old – fashioned, but this is hardly a bad thing-in 2018, the game managed to become one of the best in the genre, judging by tens of thousands of reviews on Steam and awards. This is a precision platformer, the main enemies in which are clever traps and obstacles, attempts to pass which will surely spoil your nerves. However, the game is quite atmospheric, and the musical accompaniment will make you feel the story of the girl Madeline that on the way to the top of the mountain Celeste fights with her demons. System requirements



A Dance of Fire and Ice

Rhythm game A Dance of Fire and Ice will immerse you in a world of diverse music and offer you to solve a lot of puzzles. The gameplay will seem simple – just listen to the track and press the buttons in time to move two balls on a primitive field. In practice, the game can be challenging, and the gameplay directly depends on the music you choose. Very cool if you prefer slow tracks, but get ready to sweat if you prefer fast and intense sounds.System requirements


Katana Zero

Neo-noir platformer. Once in a fictional metropolis, the player in the role of an assassin will perform various tasks and try to get rid of the nightmares of the past. In Katana Zero, there are no health points – you can die with one hit. The objectives of tasks are reduced to clearing levels. The main weapon in the game is a katana, but you can also use traps. The hero has a superpower – he can briefly freeze time.

Another feature is the variable dialog system. The player can listen to the rest of the conversation, or interrupt and insult them. Katana Zero has become one of the highlights of the gaming industry in 2019, and at the same time the game will go smoothly on weak PCs.System requirements

HADES (2020)


The best indie game of 2020 boasts not only its quality, but also the fact that it will go smoothly on weak PCs. This is a rather interesting bagel, adventures in which will take you to the world of the Dead and introduce you to Zagreus, the son of the Greek god Hades. Being a rebellious entity, he does not intend to obey the will of his father and tries to escape in search of his mother. True, he will not be able to do this the first time.

The game combines the best elements of the “roguelike” and “dungeon crawler” genres. So, the player will have to clear locations, participating in spectacular battles with terrible hellish creatures, pump up abilities and enlist the support of other gods. Death will reduce all these achievements to nothing, but the gamer will be better prepared for a new escape attempt.System requirements


Skul: The Hero Slayer

Cute bagel Skul: The Hero Slayer tells the story of the warrior Skala, whose castle was destroyed, and he became the only survivor after the attack. The thirst for revenge sends him on adventures, during which he will fight with offenders and save his king from captivity. It would be a classic heroic story, but Skal is not a man at all, but a skeleton, and his leader is the Demon king.

Playing as the evil spirits, you will break through the imperial army and challenge various brave heroes. The gameplay inherits the mechanics of the genre – for example, death nullifies the adventures of Skal, but before a new attempt, you can upgrade his skills. The highlight of Skul: The Hero Slayer is the skull system – our skeleton can try on the heads of its fellows and get new attacks and abilities.System requirements

VALHEIM (2021)


Before it was released, Valheim gathered an impressive audience and proved that you don’t need to be an AAA-class game to do this. This combined hodgepodge of survival, adventure and RPG genres takes you to a huge island and sets no goals. The mechanics of the mentioned areas in Valheim are intertwined, and for this, the players fell in love with it.

So, you will be engaged in the usual survival with the extraction of resources and the construction of a shelter, when suddenly you notice an army of skeletons that roams in the forest. Curiosity will lead you to abandoned ruins where bosses can sleep right out of Norse mythology. In general, you will definitely not be bored in this game, and its low system requirements (its weight is only 1 (!) GB) make it accessible to a wide audience. System requirements



In the colorful Dorfromantik strategy game, you will create your world literally from scratch by placing various objects on a hexagonal field. No bloody wars – this is an exceptionally peaceful game designed for relaxation.

Forests, fields, rivers, villages-all this you have to place on an endless playing field and make sure that the elements are combined with each other, which will allow you to earn more points. Passing will brighten up various tasks, and watching the world come to life is a priceless feeling.System requirements

LOOP HERO (2021)

Loop Hero

Hard to believe, but the release Loop Hero took place in 2021, and despite the very simplified graphics in the spirit of classic games, this indie managed to gather an impressive audience of fans in the shortest possible time. In it, you go on classic role-playing adventures, but the hero moves independently on the playing field, and you add to his troubles by placing enemy shelters.

The gameplay of this game can be called unique – so, you not only fight with enemies and bosses, but also engage in the “revival” of the world, which in the story fell into the abyss. Loop Hero has roguelike elements with permanent death, base construction, and random generation of a new adventure.

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