Chapter 1

Goal: Deliver the creature to Theodore

After you pull the creature out of the strange cocoon, move the only way to the light source, and when you return to the mansion, look for Theodore on the third floor, at the end of the corridor. Talk to him about the ritual to advance the story of the game.

Goal: to invite all members to participate in the ceremony

You need to invite several cultists to the ritual. And here is the location of each:

– The Sheckley brothers-these Siamese twins are on the second floor, in an open room where they play chess. Just talk to them.

“Jonathan, Juliet, and Ephraim are located on the first floor, next to the stairs. As soon as you go down, Amanda will automatically call each of the characters.

“Sabinian is to be found there, on the ground floor, in the dining room with the long table. Be sure to interact with a man.

– And as soon as you call all the previous persons, go up to the second floor and go to the room to the left of the wooden staircase that connects the tier with the attic. Mabel is standing behind the half-open door. Chat with the girl on all topics, after which the task will be completed.

Goal: take part in the ritual

You just need to visit the ritual room at the end of the second floor, to the left of the balcony doors, go to Theodore and take the bowl of elixir from his hands. Watch a lengthy video clip.

Chapter 2

Objective: search the storage room of an antique store

The first thing you need to do is to get out from behind the counter and go to the pantry through the door on the left side. There you will find several shelves. On the central one, look for a sheet with a list of items that Mrs. Hudson ordered.

Goal: Collect an order for Mrs. Hudson

 Collect an order for Mrs. Hudson

Actually, you need to collect all the items listed in the list of Mrs. Hudson:

– First, go to the main hall of the antique shop and stand with your back to the front door. Go to the right and among the various objects, closer to the pantry, look for a statuette of a horned animal. By the way, all the objects that you can and should interact with in the game periodically flicker, which simplifies the task.

  • Again, stand with your back to the front door of the store and go to the left side to find a cabinet with shelves. There’s a book on one of them. Take her away.

– Go to the right of the cabinet, to the door that connects the store with the apartment building of Victor Holloway. To the left of this door is a chest of drawers. Open its right door slightly and you will see a case with an old coin. Take the item away.

As soon as you collect all three of these items, go to the counter of an antique store and look for a slightly open cardboard box. Interact with it to open the inventory, and double-click the LMB on the book, coin, and statuette. With each new item, the inventory will have to be re-opened. But double-clicking the LMB allows you to quickly apply the thing to something. This is much faster than clicking the LMB on an item once, then moving the cursor down and clicking on “Use”. Finally, after collecting all the things, look for the phone on the same counter. Call Mrs. Hudson to let her know that the order is ready. The task will be updated.
Lust from Beyond: Walkthrough

Goal: close the store

Before you go home, you need to lock up the store:

– To start, go to the main door of the store and interact with the lock at the top.

– After that, inspect each window in the store and cover the blinds installed on it. The control unit for each blind is located on the right side of the window. As soon as you close the door and each blind, the task is completed. Please note that there are windows behind the chest of drawers, where the old coin was hidden.

Goal: prepare everything for a romantic evening

prepare everything for a romantic evening

We need to make a surprise for Lily, and this will be another multi-purpose task:

  • The easiest way to light candles. To do this, exit the store, go up to the second floor and go to the back room. In the kitchen on the right, look for a lighter that lies directly on the table, then go to the table in the opposite part of the room and apply the lighter to the candle. Like the objects on Mrs. Hudson’s cardboard box.

– Then go back to the kitchen and look to the right. To the left of the refrigerator, there are two wine glasses on the shelf. Take both items and take them to the same table. Place on the two points marked with a marker, to the right of the candle and in the foreground of the ice bucket.

– After that, you need to open the storage room located in the corridor. It is locked, and the key, as Victor himself says, he hid in a box. Go to the window in the middle of the main room and inspect the cabinet. On it is a box with colored rings. Look in the lower compartment of the cabinet to find a note inside. Learn it – it’s a clue to solve the puzzle! After carefully examining the note, apply it to the box on top to start solving the puzzle. And here everything is quite simple. You need to get a centaur in the green rings, which means that you should place images of a man and a horse at two points. In the blue rings, you need a mermaid, so you should install images of a woman and a fish there. Finally, in the red ring, set the image of the dragon. The box will open, and you can pick up the key.

– Exit the room and open the door on the right side. Inside this pantry, you can find a bottle of wine, a gift for Lily (guitar) and a package with rose petals (yes, you will not have to pick live roses!). Return to the room, place the guitar on a wooden stand, and place a bottle of wine in the ice bucket.

“All that remains is to scatter the petals on the second floor. You need to do this in three places – at the exit from this room, and at two points in the corridor of the second floor.

  • Optional: in the process of performing all these actions, an additional goal will appear – to take the pills. To do this, go to the bathroom opposite the stairs leading to the second floor, and look in the wall cabinet, where there is a bottle of medicine. And then interact with it (double-click LMB) in the inventory.

As soon as you complete all the steps listed above, Lily will automatically enter the room. By the way, you can pull out a masturbator from the bedside table in the bedroom in advance and also place it in the room where you are preparing a surprise for the girl. Talk to Lily. She will ask you to bring a pick. Go down to the first floor, go under the stairs, where the bike is, and search the satchel on the chair in front. There will be a pick in the front pocket. Go upstairs and go into the bedroom to see a lengthy video clip.

You will find yourself in another nightmare. Look around the room and find a metal object in the back. After picking it up, install it in the slot in the opposite part. Go the only route to a spacious place where you need to look around. First, there is a device near the point of fall, in which you need to insert a similar metal object. A little further on there is a green platform. In the world of Lust-Ga (and this is it), such platforms allow you to fully restore health points. Be sure to use them. Behind the green platform, on a stand, there is an object with glowing dots. Rotate it so that all the dots light up. This will allow you to decipher the tablet of the Omniscient and read the message.

Now go to the right side, along a long corridor, until you find a room with a metal contraption. Go back and place this object in the device at the point where it fell. A passageway will open behind it. Go there, climb up and follow the narrow path, at the end of which you need to jump into the closed ruins. Inside them is a fragment of a sculpture. There are three such fragments in total, and we will find each of them.

Inspect the walls. One of them has a lever. Pull it to move the movable block. Pull the same lever again to move the block a little further, to a higher elevation. There is a staircase on one side of the block. Climb up it and go to the ledge with the second fragment of the sculpture. You will see a dangerous monster running out of the niche. Such creatures immediately attack Victor. Pick a moment and jump down. If the monster chases you, make a couple of circles and run to the room where you found a metal object, there the enemy should not follow. Go back and look in the niche on the right, where the monster ran out. There is a third fragment of the sculpture. This niche should be found not far from the block that you moved with the lever. After collecting all three fragments of the sculpture, again go to the room where they found the metal thing. Shortly before it, on the left hand, look for a gate with three cells. Three fragments of the sculpture should be installed in them. After opening the gate, move forward until you get out of the nightmare. But on the way, be sure to inspect the tablet of the Omniscient, standing on a stand to the right, next to the tentacles. You need to approach it from the right side, so that the tentacles do not touch Victor. Activate this tablet to get the side story “Creation of Universes” from the Book of Secrets, the chapter “Demiurges”. Also along the way, you can find the altar, which will allow you to choose the first improvement for the main character. There will be three of them in total.

Chapter 3

Goal: get to the office of Dr. Karl Austerlitz

You will soon find yourself in Bleekmoor. As soon as you get control, you can turn around, run to the beginning of the city and find the two boxes on the left, standing on top of each other, a statue of a clown. In total, there are 9 such figurines hidden in Blickmoor. They need to be installed on the layout of the toy theater, which is installed nearby. To find the layout, move forward on the road, to the first T-shaped intersection, and go to the right. On the left hand will be one of the two doors leading to the hotel. So far, the Desire Hotel is locked. A little further than this door is the model of the toy house described above. You can install the first clown here.

Opposite the door to the hotel there are two doors of a residential building. Between them is a small recess in the wall and a metal cabinet, on which stands the second clown. Go back to the T-shaped intersection and look for a house with a blue door in front of the hotel on the main street. Go to this door and examine the brick sticking out of the wall to the right of the door (and just below). Take the key from the brick and unlock the blue door. Go ahead and into the room on the right. In addition to the third clown on the couch, here you will find a side story “Without authority”, which is part of the Book of Secrets, the chapter “The Scarlet Lodge”.

Continue along the main street and turn to the gazebo on the right side. Behind her is a counter that has a fourth clown on it. Go back along the main road, to the left of the closed bar with the sign FRESH, and climb the steps in front to find the fifth clown on the railing. After doing this, go down and find a slightly open grate under the arch. Follow there and inspect the front door of Dr. Austerlitz’s office. Knock on the door.

Goal: Find a way to contact Dr. Austerlitz

No one will open it. Then pick up the ad lying on the ground. Victor will say that you need to find a whole poster of the doctor with his phone number, as well as a payphone, because his mobile phone is empty.

Goal: Find Dr. Austerlitz’s phone number

Go back to the main road and go to the FRESH bar. There’s a note on his door now. Read it, and Victor will look up to where the pot is. Pick up a metal pipe from the floor and apply it to the pot to break the object and find the key hidden inside. With this key, open the door of the bar, go inside and follow the boxes under the stairs on the right. There you will find the sixth figure of the clown.

Go up to the second floor of the bar and exit to the balcony. Go left to the next room and go inside. On the second floor there is a utility room, where there is a table with a screwdriver lying on its surface. The screwdriver has a square nozzle, which in itself hints at its non-standard use. Go back, leave the bar and go to the courtyard with the office of Dr. Austerlitz. On the right is a locked grate with a missing handle. You will replace it with a screwdriver with a square nozzle. After doing this, go down and inspect the thick post on which the ad with the phone number of Austerlitz hangs. Also, do not forget to go to the door of the building on the left to find the table with the seventh clown.

Goal: Call Dr. Austerlitz

After you find the phone number of Dr. Austerlitz, go back to the bar and go to the house on the right, opposite the gazebo. It is surrounded by a flower fence, and a pay phone hangs on the wall. Study the device and apply the poster with the Austerlitz phone number to it. Victor will say that you need a coin. Go back to the beginning of the city and look in the trunk of Victor’s blue car. There’s an old coin there, prepared for Mrs. Hudson. Pick up the item and go to the payphone. Apply a coin to it, and then, if you have already hung up the Austerlitz ad, pick up the phone.

Purpose: to spend the night in the hotel ” Desire»

After talking to the doctor on the phone, go to the hotel “Desire”, opening any of the two doors. It’s a big corner building. Inside it, go to the respeshen and talk to the administrator Denny. He will give you the key to room 207, and also put a lantern on the counter. Pick up the item, look at the wall on the left and see a payphone. Use it to contact Lily. On the payphone is a toy without two hands. If you find both hands, you can find a cache with a side story.

Go up to the third floor of the hotel and go to the very end. Open the room on the left, number 207, and interact with the alarm clock. When you wake up in the middle of the night, go to the floor and talk to Denny, who is sweeping the floors. Go back to your room and lock the door. Victor will automatically go to bed.

Goal: get out of the hotel

The chapter will end after you leave your room through the window. Victor will wake up for the second time in the middle of the night. This time it’s because some hostile person is banging on his door. Exit through the nearest window and follow the outside wall to the left. Climb into the next room through another window. Be sure to look at the table or cabinet on the left, because there is the first hand for the toy from the hotel lobby.

Chapter 4

Goal: get out of the hotel

Exit the room, bend down to C and go down to the first floor, in the hall. Go behind the reception desk and read the note lying next to the wall. You will find out that there is a bolt cutter in room 108. Look at the key shelves on the right and find the key to room 108. The sectarian will come down here. Escape from it by climbing the next set of stairs, and find number 108 on the second floor. It is located at the very end, opposite the room under your former room 207. Apply the key and go inside. Pick up the bolt cutter, then be sure to go to the far bedroom of the next room. Next to the bed and the corpse there is a pedestal where the second hand from the toy lies.

After getting both hands, go back to the first floor and inspect the payphone that Lily called. There is a toy on it. Apply both hands to the toy, and then the niche will open at the bottom left. From it, you should get the side story “The Road to Pleasure” from the Book of Secrets, the chapter “The Scarlet Lodge”. Go up the stairs to the second floor and open the side door, number 101, using a bolt cutter on the chain.

Goal: get to the streets of Blickmoor

As soon as you unlock the door of room 101, the download will start, but then the chapter will continue. Get out through the door and follow the balcony to the left. Cross to the other side on the narrow bridge. Click the LMB several times to hold on to the top. Run away from the enemies. If you encounter them, go back and avoid various obstacles so that they can not touch Victor. Climb stairs and stairs. Where necessary, jump down, but keep in mind that in one of the places you need to jump on a narrow board. Eventually, you will enter the building through a white door. Search the side rooms, as there are medicines there, and then go upstairs, running past the cultist. Eventually, you will fall down, breaking through the floor of one of the interior rooms.

Chapter 5

Goal: find help

When you wake up, pick up a knife from the floor and open the door to get out of the hotel “Desire”. Study the poster hanging on the wall opposite to learn about the performance. Before you go to the theater, find the box with the eighth clown to the left of the poster, and then go back to the FRESH bar, go up to the second floor and use a bolt cutter to unlock the box with the ninth clown. Set all the clowns in the toy theater to the right of the hotel entrance to solve the puzzle and open the cache of four bottles of magic medicine. For one application, this medicine restores 1 point of health and psyche.

Now go to the place where the poster with the phone number of Dr. Austerlitz was found. On the right there is another grid with a chain. Break it with the help of bolt cutters, then you will find yourself in a new part of Blikmur. You can not pay attention to the enemies! You just need to run to the huge theater at the end of the street and interact with the door to get inside. The enemies will no longer follow you, as the download will begin.
Lust from Beyond: Walkthrough

Goal: Follow Rhea’s instructions


As soon as you enter the theater building, I recommend that you get to the counter in front and go to the rooms on the left. There’s a storage room. It seems that there is a chest in it, and already inside the chest (opens with a bolt cutter) is hidden the side story “Death after Death” from the Book of Secrets, the chapter “The Scarlet Lodge”. Go back to the main hall and move the cabinet to the side. Go to the performance hall with the stage. The searchlight will turn on, and a certain Rhea will start a conversation with you.

Listen to the woman until she gives the first instructions. Climb up to the stage and interact with two wooden mock-ups of trees standing in the foreground of the stage. Move them in two different directions. After that, go to the side of the stage to find the lever on the wall that lowers the cross. If you can’t see it, use a flashlight from your inventory.

Then Rhea will issue new instructions. Go down from the stage and look behind the boxes under the balcony where Rhea is located. There will be a corpse with a key in its mouth. Take this key, go up to the upper rows of the audience hall and open the left of the two doors by applying the key to it. Go up the stairs and turn to the right side. This path leads to a balcony with a floodlight, which is enough to activate. After interacting with the spotlight, go to the other side of the second tier, to the next balcony. In front of him, on the right, are three matches. On the balcony itself, on the railing, you can find two more matches. After collecting five matches, go down and go to the stage. Apply matches to two sets of candles and three censers. As soon as all of them are lit, and the searchlight is turned on-the task is completed.

The next step is to remove all four parts of the human body from the crucifix and throw them into a waste container. First, remove one of the remains, then go down from the stage and pull back the red curtain located on the right hand. As soon as you do this, you will see a container in front of you. Throw the remains in there. Repeat the steps three more times with the rest of the body.

Goal: get out of the dungeon

As soon as you bring the last part of the body here, Denny will come out of the dungeon. Feeling himself in an awkward situation, the guy will hide. Follow him down and close the passage behind you by lowering the lever. Go ahead. Inspect the rooms and closed doors until the gas is released, as a result of which Victor will lose consciousness. Watch the video, and suddenly move into the world of Lust-Ga.

Chapter 6

Goal: to get the ” Nature of the Universe»

Take the only route through Lust-Ga. When you jump down and get to the intersection, you can decipher the tablet of the Omniscient on the pedestal on the right. Next to it there is a device in which you should install a metal thingy. The path to the left is impossible, since there are many tentacles located there. Go ahead and interact with the altar, which will allow you to choose a new improvement for the main character.

Continue moving until you find yourself in a room with several levers and a mobile platform. The control of these levers is as clear as possible. The arrangement of the levers corresponds to the arrangement of the crystals at the edges of the room. And if any crystal that the platform sees lights up, it starts moving in its direction, until it stops. Thus, stand facing the platform and pull the middle lever on the right, and then the right lever on the right. This will move the platform sideways, closer to you. Go down to it and go to the niche on the right. Lower the lever on the block to move it to the moving platform. Return to the control levers and face the center of the room again. Use the left lever of the three on the right, the right lever of the three on the left, the lever behind you, and the middle lever on the left. As a result, the platform should be on the left side, at the ledge. Go to it and move the block using the same lever. Climb up to it by a side ladder and take the round disk from above.

After doing this, return the platform to where the mobile unit was picked up. Follow it forward and place the disk on the closed door. Once outside, take the book “The Nature of the Universe”. There will also be a metal contraption for the device nearby. Go to the left of this place and look for a closed bud. When you open it, you will find a lever.

Return to the hall with the mobile platform and move it to the left, to the left block with the lever. Go to the back of this unit and place the lever. Click on it to move the block to the ledge opposite. Go up and collect a side story from the Book of Secrets “Demiurges”.

Go back to the tentacle corridor. Insert the metal sphere into the device on the left to open the room with the flying creature. It will fly through the corridor with tentacles, and you need to follow it to avoid damage. Keep moving until you get out of here. Leave the book on the stand and run to the exit of the theater. Interact with the door, but you will be caught by the enemies. Watch the video. Victor is saved by strangers!

Chapter 7

Goal: to meet Sabinian

When you wake up, talk to Mabel, go down to the first floor and find the library with Sabinian. Talk to the man who will give you the key to the third floor.

Goal: contact Lily

Go up the stairs and open the third floor. Go to one of the rooms on the left – this is Sabinian’s bedroom. Hidden behind a picture on the wall are mobile phones. Take any of them and call Lily.

Goal: Meet Amanda

After chatting with the girl, go down to the first floor and go to the front door to find Bobby, Jonathan and Amanda. The latter will ask for urgent pills for Bobby. Go up to the second floor and look for the bathroom door on the right. Take a look there. After exchanging a few words with the Sheckley twins, open the wall cabinet above the washbasin and take the bottle of pills.

Goal: to bring medicine to a wounded man

Go down, go to the front door and turn left, where Bobby and Jonathan are sitting. Pass the pills to Bobby to complete the task.

Goal: Get your gear back

Go to the front door and search the chest to find all your gear. Collect each item.

Goal: look around the mansion

Let’s spend this time collecting collectibles and finding secrets in the mansion. First, go up to the second floor and go to the room with Amanda sitting at the table. On the left is a cabinet. Find a statue of a horse there and look at its base. There will be a code consisting of a number and a symbol. Remember it, go down and go to the library. Explore the bookshelves. Some books have a number and a symbol on them. Find the books with the numbers 3, 4, and 1 and memorize each character in the same sequence. Add to these three symbols a fourth, from the horse figurine. Go to the room with the pool table on the first floor and find a cue stand with a lock. Enter the four-character code to discover the hidden developer room. In addition to their names, you can find medicines here.

The next step is to go back to the front door and inspect the wooden bench. There are four pressure plates on it. Press them in the following order: second, fourth, first, third. The numbering goes from left to right. The bench opens and you can pick up the side story “Willard and Sabinian” from the Book of Secrets, the chapter “Queen of Pleasure”.

Go back to the third floor and go to Sabinian’s room on the left. Examine the chest of drawers on the right hand, open it and take away the side story “The Seer in captivity” from the Book of Secrets, the chapter “The Queen of Pleasure”. Here, in a bookcase a little further away, is a skull. Take this item from the bottom shelf, go back to the landing connecting the second and third tiers, and find the bust with the hole. Insert the skull into it to open the cache and get the first Lau-abrak figurine.

On the third floor, in the corridor, there is a grandfather clock. Open them and take the picture. Go down to the first floor and go to the room where Jonathan and Bobby are sitting on the sofa. A second painting is hidden in the chest of drawers to the right of Jonathan, to the left of the passage to the corridor. Go to the next room with a pool table and look for a third picture on a chair on the side. After collecting all three pictures, go to the fireplace in the room with the pool table, and set the items from top to bottom so: Heaven, Earth, Hell. You will open the hiding place in the fireplace. Hidden inside is the side story “Save the Child” from the Book of Secrets, the chapter “The Queen of Pleasure”, as well as the second statue of Lauv-abrak.

Go up to the second floor, pick up a lantern and follow up the wooden stairs leading to the attic. Inspect the shelves to the right of the locked door and pick up the third statue of Lau-abrak. Go down the same stairs and open the chest of drawers that stands at the railing in front, to the right of the steps leading down. Hidden inside this chest of drawers is the fourth statue of Lau-abrak. After collecting all four figurines, go to the end of the corridor on the second floor (not where the ritual room, the balcony and Theodore’s bedroom are located), next to the restroom, and place them on stands around the case with the improved blade. Take this blade away. Now Victor will use it instead of the usual knife. However, I did not notice that it caused any increased damage.

The search is complete, so you can return to the second floor and find Mabel sitting at a table in an open room, with Tarot cards spread out in front of her. Let her read the fortune for Victor. Select custom maps.

Goal: Meet Amanda

Meet Amand

As soon as you finish communicating with Mabel, go up to the third floor and go to Amanda’s bedroom next to Sabinian’s room. Chat with the girl, then follow her to the Lust-Ga.

Chapter 8

Goal: Follow Amanda

Just follow Amanda through the world of Lust-Ga.

Goal: to learn the secrets of using the essence

Eventually, you will stop in front of an obelisk and a corridor with tentacles. After listening to the girl, go back and interact with the source of the essence (the large glowing balls on the wall that Amanda absorbed). You will be energized. Go back to Amanda, click on Q, hold down the PCM and aim at the obelisk. Then click LMB. The mini-game starts. Click on the paintwork in time when the slider is in the desired area. So you will charge the obelisk. Go to the corridor on the right, and at the end of the path you will find a flying creature. It hovers around the glowing obelisk. Charge the essence of the obelisk nearby, as you did before. Go back to Amanda and charge the same obelisk with the essence as before. The creature will move here. Charge the next obelisk located in the tentacle corridor. After doing this, move behind the flying creature. Do not rush to charge the last obelisk, but turn into the room on the right to find the tablet of the Omniscient with the side story “The Idea of the Trinity” from the Book of Secrets, the chapter “Demiurges”. Charge the far obelisk and go further. When Amanda stops at the place where the bridge is missing, according to her instructions, jump down, charge with the essence, go up and apply it to the crystal located on the opposite side. So you will create a bridge, but keep in mind that you will have to click on the paintwork three times in a row in a timely manner. If you make a mistake, you will lose 1 energy cell each. Before that, you could also see the glowing tower. When passing by such a tower, Victor loses his entire supply of essence.

Goal: open the gate

Get to the next gate, and Amanda should be allowed to go ahead. If you run further, the game may get bogged down. Amanda will stop the monster trying to attack you. Then you will see a locked door. Go to the side room on the right and find the sphere that should be installed in the device at the door. The object is hidden in the bud.

Behind the door you will find a sporangium. Go to the right, charge with the essence, as a result of which the corrupted creature will follow you. Creatures become corrupted when red pollen falls on them. Only corrupted creatures will be aggressive towards Victor. Luring him to the sporangium, attack with a knife. As a result of death, blood will flow out, which the sporangium will absorb, and its sections will swell at the top, creating a path further. Climb up, go through the pit on the sporangium sections and get to the crystal. After picking up the item, move forward to discover the gate. Open them with the crystal. Leave this place with Amanda.

Chapter 9

Goal: contact Lily

Re-visit Sabinian’s room on the third floor and take out the last mobile phone from the niche behind the painting. After communicating with Lily and Austerlitz, the goal will be updated.

Goal: get help from the residents of the mansion

Go to the ritual room and chat with Mabel. Then Theodore will come in. After talking to him, go outside and talk to Mabel again. You will get an optional goal. I also need to talk to Jonathan on the ground floor.

Goal: Get Mabel’s herbs (optional)

Mabel’s room is to the left of the wooden staircase that leads to the attic. Go there and look at the dressing table. Look in the box and take out all the Tarot cards. Then take the key from the bottom and open the chest, standing in the corner. As soon as you do this, take the herbs. The goal will be completed.

Goal: Talk to Amanda

Talk to Amanda on the third floor.

Goal: Get back to Jonathan

Go back to the second floor and talk to Jonathan again.

Goal: Prepare to save Lily

If you already have the herbs, go to the room on the second floor where Mabel was with the cards, and chat with the Sheckley brothers. Pass them the herbs, as a result of which you will receive the key to Donald and Dominic’s room. Go up to the third floor and find the twins ‘ room on the right. There will be a picture of Siamese twins on the door. Go inside and inspect the chest on the left side. You need to enter a digital code. Examine the three masks hanging on the wall. Numbers are shown inside them. Enter these numbers 197 on the chest lock, and select the last one manually. You will get the code 1971. Take out the mask of the Scarlet Lodge cultists. Go to the third floor and check out Sabinian’s room. In one of the cabinets on the left, find the clothes of the cultists of the Scarlet Lodge.

Goal: Get back to Jonathan

When you get both the mask and the clothes, go down to the first floor and talk to Jonathan at the entrance.

Chapter 10

Goal: Follow Jonathan

Move down behind Jonathan and lock the passage behind you by lowering the lever. Keep moving, and when you hear a hint, hide inside the Iron Maiden.

Goal: Find Lily

To go further, you will have to find two rubies. They will be needed for a painting in a side room with a long dining table. Rubies need to be inserted into the holes in the picture. But first you’ll have to find them. To begin, move down the stairs next to the golden door leading to the hall of the whisperers, pass by Denny. If he sees you, he will raise the alarm, and you will have to confront two sectarians. Behind Denny’s room is a boiler room, and in the far corner is a niche with the first ruby. Take the ruby and talk to Sabinian.

To find the second ruby, go back to the door of the hall of the Whisperers and go to the corridor opposite. Open the last room and find yourself in a room with red curtains. To begin with, I recommend pulling back all the red curtains. Behind some will be a puzzle, and behind some-a secret room with the enemy. Finish him off and take the side story “The Death of the real father” from the Book of Secrets, the chapter “Demiurges”from the table.

Search the table and find a clue in the drawer to solve the puzzle. Go to this puzzle and apply the hint. You need to build the picture so that the scissors are horizontal (with the handle on the right), and the blue patterns are vertical (and there should be two identical patterns on top, and two other identical patterns on the bottom). On the left will be the scissors ‘ blades, and above and below them-empty red cells. It’s pretty simple. Choose any two petals, then click on the center button, and they change places.

As soon as you solve the puzzle, take the second ruby, go back to the picture in the room with the dining table and place the items inside the cells. So you will open the way to the slaughterhouse.

In the slaughterhouse, you should find three golden hands at once. They are needed to open the golden door to the hall of the whisperers.

  1. To get the first hand, go down to the very bottom and find a grate that can be unlocked to get into a corridor with several doors. Behind one of them will be a stand with a golden hand, but if you take it away, the door will close behind you. So leave the item in place and go to the end of the corridor. Open the door on the left, take the note with a certain hint and the key. Go back to the second floor and find the four Iron Maidens in one of the halls. Two of them show a smile and a sad face. Hit the door of the Iron Maiden with a smile twice, once with the door of the Iron Maiden with a sad face, and twice more with the door of the Iron Maiden with a smile. As a result of these manipulations, a golden hand will appear in the virgo with a smile. Take the item away. The clue to these actions was found in the same place as the key.
  2. Then go up the stairs from the side, returning to the upper tier. Go along it along the perimeter of the room, clockwise. The way forward is blocked by an extended cabinet, but on the left there is a door with a cross. Open it with the key and push the cabinet back into the room. Go further past the cabinet and jump down to the corpse with the handle. Next to it is a first aid kit. Jump even lower, to the same level where the Iron Maidens are located. A device with a rope hangs on the wall. Use the handle on it to lower the corpse. Remove the second golden hand from your mouth.
  3. Finally, go down and look for another door with a cross. Open it with a key and go to the human remains. Take the hand of the person, return to the room with the golden hand behind the bars at the bottom and change it to a normal one.

After collecting all three hands, move back and install them in the holes on the huge door. Go through this door, take the side story “The Birth of the Scarlet Lodge” from the Book of Secrets, the chapter “The Scarlet Lodge”. This is the last side story of this chapter! Take the key and unlock the door with the same symbol. Go ahead until you meet Lily.

Chapter 11

After watching a few videos, you will have to take the key from the box and remove the handcuffs. Go out into the corridor and see Rhea ahead. Open the curtain to her right to discover the girl. Interact with it, which will allow you to move to the world of Lust-Ga. Find the source of the essence and create a bridge ahead. Keep moving.

Goal: get to the cave of Change

Once in the hall where the columns are located, interact with the lever. The door ahead opens. Go towards it until it closes (one of the detectors on the columns will work). In the far right part of the room there is a ball. Pick up the object, go back to the opposite corner (diagonally) and find the wall where you want to place the ball. You will open the slice. Pull the lever again and this time go to the left, through the opening passage. There are no detectors here. Going around the column on the left side, go to the center of the hall, standing in front of the open door, and follow through it. Climb higher and higher, using the essence on the crystals, where there are no bridges. Eventually, you will return to reality.
Lust from Beyond: Walkthrough
The Sheckley twins.

Goal: fight your way to the exit

After watching the video, use the same key from the handcuffs, collect your items from the chest, using a bolt cutter on it, and also take cartridges and a revolver. I recommend you save your ammo. Try to shoot the cultists in the head. In this case, one accurate shot will be enough. Cultists outside will wander in pairs, so kill one with a revolver, and the second-with a knife. Go back to the top floor, and again go to the door with the symbol of chaos. Behind her was Lily. Go to the right and see Austerlitz dancing with Rhea’s corpse outside the door. Go through the corridor on the left to get to the same room, but instead of Austerlitz, Tim will meet you here.

Goal: kill Tim

The first thing to do is to find a shelf with cartridges on the right. After picking them up, inspect the location. There are three pipes from which the steam is sharpened. You need to break the lids on these pipes so that the steam escapes and injures Tim. Lure him to the pipes, and then shoot at the lids or hit them with a knife. Tim will sit on his knees. Attack him several times with a knife or shoot him with a revolver. The latter should be done in the event that it is simply impossible to approach Tim without touching the steam. Remember that steam also causes damage to Victor himself. Repeat the action as many times as you need to complete the victory.

Goal: get to Austerlitz

Get out of here and go to the hall of the whisperers, through the door with the golden hands, and decide the fate of Dr. Austerlitz – kill him or spare him.

Goal: Meet Lily

Get out of the room and re-open the door with the chaos symbol. Go forward, to the left, and open the last room on the right to find Lily with a guitar. Watch the video.

Chapter 12

Goal: Go to the ritual room

Go down to the second floor and visit the ritual room. After the cut scene, you will see Jonathan.

Goal: Find Jonathan

Go down to the front door on the first floor and talk to Jonathan. Decide his fate.

Goal: take part in the ritual

Take the mask from the cabinet and follow it to the first floor. Go to the dining room and remove your clothes by interacting with the chair on the right. Take possession of any girl or man, and then pray to Lauv-abrak at the altar on the left. There are two people standing next to him. Put on your clothes and talk to Natalia.

Goal: leave the dining room

When you leave the room, you will meet Theodore. He will give you the key to his bedroom.

Goal: to read the teachings of Lasih

Go up to the second floor and open the room opposite the ritual hall. Look around the room and find a note with a hint in the cabinet. Go down to the first floor, go to the library and apply this piece of paper to the box. Set four and one dots around the number V, three and six dots around the number IX, and one dot twice around the number II. Take a look inside and collect the records.

Goal: to return to the study of ” The nature of the universes»

Go up to the second floor and see a trail of candles.

Chapter 13

Climb the wooden stairs and open the door to see a room with different devices. Move the cabinet, examine the note on the table on the left and go out into the corridor of the third floor. Go down to the first floor and go to the room with the sofa where Jonathan and Bobby were sitting. There will be a portal here. Enter the world of Lust-Ga.

Go to the left, past the wall with the ribs, go up and jump into the room with the mobile unit. Activate the lever on the block in front and pick up the lever lying next to the huge creature on the left. Find another block and install the lever. Move it by pulling the lever so that the corrupted creature follows you. Lure him to the sporangium and kill him. Climb up the slope again, follow the sporangium sections, and find the blade. Go down, spread the ribs in the wall, and set the blade. Go to Amanda, who is sitting in the front seat.

Chapter 14

Take the drawing from the table and go to the third floor, to Amanda’s room. After the conversation with the girl, visit the attic and listen to Mabel’s concerns. Talk to the Sheckley twins and Ephraim on the first floor, and then search the hiding place under the stairs to get a box of bullets and a revolver. Now you have unlimited ammo! Talk to Amanda again to talk about everything. And then use the portal. You need to find the mask of Ugro-Ekna.

Follow forward through the Lust-Ga and go up to the door on the left. Apply the drawing made by Victor to it, and then rotate the parts on the door so that they coincide with the drawing. You can pick up the drawing to compare the result. The mask should be at the top, fists-on the sides, directed down to the center of the door. Otherwise, everything is simple – make sure that all the parts of the pattern match and continue each other.

Use the last altar to improve Holloway, and get to the room with three creatures. You can kill them, but random new ones will appear from the portal on the right. First, inspect the door and go to the left. There you will find the sporangium and the first metal sphere. On the door on the right, you need to apply some object.

Go back to the hall, shoot the stalks from above to spoil any creature. If there is no essence, recharge it. Move back to the sporangium and kill the creature. A bridge will be created from above. Go up and pull out the disk from the niche on the left. Go down and apply the disc to the locked door.

Go through the door, climb the slope to the right and get to the device with three holes. Place a sphere in one of them. Find the crystal behind the device. Return to the hall and place the crystal in the door next to the already activated sporangium. Lure another creature here by spoiling it, and kill it next to another sporangium. Climb even higher up the slope in the central room with three enemies. Jump down and find yourself in the corridor with the third sphere. Collect the item, charge the essence in the room on the right, and create a bridge leading back. Be sure to lure the corrupted creature here and kill the sporangium to create a bridge a little further away. Behind the far pit will be a tablet with a side story “Against the extremes” from the Book of Secrets, the chapter “Demiurges”.

Go back and climb up to the cells for the three spheres. Set them up and shoot the stem from above. Pollen will fall down. Go to the hall with the three creatures and climb the stairs from the stem on the left. There will be a sporangium and an already corrupted creature. Lure him closer and kill him. Now you can climb to the very top and pick up the mask.

Chapter 15

Check all the floors. Go down to the first level and go from the corridor to the room with a pool table. From there – to the room with sofas. Somewhere in this moment, when you are frightened by a monster, sounds will be heard. Go up to the second floor and go to the ritual room. Talk to Theodore, who will tell you about what happened. On the table to Theodore’s right in the ritual room, the side story “Sacrifice” from the Book of Secrets, chapter “Queen of Pleasure”will appear.

After that, go out into the corridor and see the wounded Mabel on the second floor. Talk to her. You can go back to Theodore to tell him that the girl needs help. And then take the key from him, go up to the attic and open the door. There are medicines in the back room of the attic. Take them and give them to Mabel. In this case, the girl will survive!

Go up to Amanda’s room, but before you use the portal, inspect the bed. The side story “The Force” from the Book of Secrets, the chapter “The Queen of Pleasure”, appeared on it. This is the last part of this chapter! Log in to the portal.

Follow the only route until you run into Amanda. We’ll have to beat the girl. Inspect the floor and avoid the purple areas. As soon as Amanda starts to leave, shoot the revolver at the crystals on the sides, but so as to destroy the two crystals on the left and the two crystals on the right, which are closer to the entrance. One distant crystal on both sides should be left, since there is a stalk with pollen above them. If you make it in time, Amanda will go back to the common room and walk under this pollen. If you don’t make it, the platforms will be restored. If Amanda got under the pollen, shoot at the stem to neutralize the girl. Her defense will narrow, and you will be able to hit the crystal three times under the platform on which the girl is standing. If you are lucky, you will be able to do this before the monsters periodically appear in the room.

After winning, use the green platform to restore your health points. Go through the narrow corridor at the platform until you get to the hall with red columns. Go to the left and find in the niche the side story “Captivity” from the Book of Secrets, the chapter “Demiurges”. This is the last part of this chapter, as well as the entire Book.

Go to the other side, create a bridge, and then fall down. Fight with Amanda. Attack while the mutated girl is chasing you, and when she is on the central platform, hide behind the pillars. I’m not sure if the girl needs to hit each column, because the white film she uses to cover those columns and the floor just slows her down. Both yours and Amanda’s. Hit it enough times to win. Get to Amanda and decide whether to stay with her and open the gate or finish off the cultist.


If you stay with Amanda, you’ll just have to climb up, create bridges, and visit the back room, and then leave here for the launch of the end credits. If you decide to kill Amanda, go back to the antique shop and collect another order for Mrs. Hudson. All items are highlighted, so it is not difficult to find them. Do not forget to put all the items in the box and contact Mrs. Hudson on her mobile phone.

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