In this guide to Lust from Beyond, I will tell you where to find various collectibles and why you need to do it in general. For collecting all the collectibles of each individual type, you will receive various achievements. In addition, some collectibles will open access to others, and others to special rewards. Let’s figure it out together.

Figures of clowns

These are the first collectibles that you will encounter during the passage of the game. First, you need to be patient and wait for the beginning of the third chapter. As soon as this happens, Victor Holloway will get to Bleekmoor. In this city, the events of several chapters will develop. Go ahead along the street and see the side of the hotel building. To the right of one of the entrances is a toy theater with nine platforms. They need to install the figures of clowns.

There are nine such figures in total. And if you find each one, you will open a hiding place inside a toy theater (circus) and get four bottles of magic medicine. This potion is a kind of combination of a bandage and a sedative. Restores one point of health and mental state at a time.

The first seven figures of the clown can be found right in the third chapter. And here’s how to do it:

  1. At the beginning of the location there is a blue car of the main character. If you go from his trunk even further in the direction of the beginning of the city, then on the left there will be boxes standing on top of each other. On the top one is a clown.
  2. There’s a door to a residential building across from the toy theater. If you knock, no one will open the door anyway. But to the right of the door there will be a niche with a locker on which there is a clown.
  3. At the same intersection where the hotel stands, there is a residential building with a blue door. If you knock on different residential buildings, a resident of one of them will say that the key should be found on a brick. You don’t have to do this. You can go straight to the blue door and look at the brick on the bottom right. Take the key, enter the house and look for the third clown on the couch. By the way, on the table nearby is one of the pages of the Book of Secrets.
  4. Exit the building and go to the left. There are two bars in front. To the right is a gazebo, and behind it is a stall with a clown.
  5. From the bars, go left on the road. There are steps up ahead. Climb them and inspect the railing of this staircase to discover the fifth figure of the clown.
  6. – After you get to the bar to find a screwdriver, just outside the entrance, go to the wooden boxes on the right. Between them is a small box, and on it is a clown.
  7. Finally, when you open the grate with a screwdriver to pick up the ad with the phone number, go to the door on the left and pick up the clown figure.
  8. After you get out of the hotel in the following chapters, when you return to the streets of Bleekmoor, immediately inspect the box standing nearby. This is at the beginning of the location, near the main character’s car. Here will be the penultimate figure.
  9. You can also go back to the bar, go up to the second floor and open the chest with a bolt cutter to pick up the last clown.

Install all the action figures in the toy theater to get the reward.

Hotel and toy without hands

In the lobby of the hotel in the middle of the third chapter, you will find a payphone, on which there is a toy without hands. When the segment begins, during which you need to get out of your room, move through the window to the next room and pick up the first hand from the table or cabinet. Get out of the room. Next, you will need to get the key to room 108 in the lobby. After doing this, go to the room and pick up the bolt cutter. Be sure to go to the back room with the corpse on the bed. On the right side of the cabinet is the second hand. Go down and place both hands on the toy on the payphone. A niche opens on the left, which contains a page of the Book of Secrets. Read more below.

The Book of Secrets – all pages

This book is divided into three chapters, and each has five pages. Sets of five pages of each chapter are assigned to individual locations-Bleekmoor, Mansion, and Lust-Ga.


“Do you remember that blue door I mentioned in the description of the clown figures?” Go into the house and take the page “Without authority” from the table.

– And the hands for the toy are higher? Inside the niche there will be a page “The road to pleasure”.

  • Next, you need to be patient. After escaping from the hotel, you will be able to get to the theater. Once you are in the hall, go through the doorway on the left. Turn left into the storeroom and pull out the “Death After Death”page from the chest. Maybe it’s just lying on the box, I don’t remember exactly.

– Still in the same theater, but much later, when you return here with Jonathan to save Lily, go to the room opposite the golden door for three hands. The walls are covered with red curtains. Move away to find the secret room with the enemy. On the table is the page “The death of a real father”.

– And after you’ve collected all three golden hands and opened the door to the Whisperers ‘ Hall, look around the tables and find the Birth of the Scarlet Lodge page.”

The Mansion:

  • Go down to the front door and examine the wooden shoe shop. There are four square buttons that you can push in. Interact with the second, fourth, first and third, numbering them from left to right, and take the page of the Book of Secrets “Willard and Sabinian”from the cache.
  • When Sabinian gives you the key to his room, where you can get a cell phone and contact Lily, look at the chest of drawers on the right side of the entrance. Inside will be the page “Seer in captivity”.
  • Below I tell you where to find all the paintings and how to open the hiding place inside the fireplace in the room with the billiard table. So it contains a statue of Lau-abrak and the page “Save the child”.
  • The next two pages you can pick up only at the very end of the game. Before you go to Lust-Ga for Amanda, after talking with Theodore in the ritual room, look at the table on the right. Only now will the “Victim”page appear on it.
  • And in Amanda’s room, where the portal is located, the Power page will appear on the bed.
  • Lust-Ga:
  • These are perhaps the most difficult parts of the Book of Secrets, since in the world of Lust-Ga they are hidden not in the form of pages, but as the tablets of the Omniscient. At the same time, not every tablet of the Omniscient is a page of the Book of Secrets. And it is difficult to navigate here. But I will try to describe everything as correctly and correctly as possible.
  • When you first visit Lust-Ga, you will collect the fragments of the sculpture. As soon as you collect all the debris, you can open the door. Go through the door and look for a stand with a cube in the corner on the right. Go ahead and activate this tablet to get the “Creating Universes” page. Note that there are tentacles nearby, which means that you should approach the tablet from the opposite side from them.
  • During your visit to the theater, you will find yourself in the world of Lust-Ga, where Dr. Austerlitz himself will send you with his infernal actions. So, you need to solve the puzzle with a mobile platform and open the door, behind which will be the desired book. There is a metal sphere nearby, and if you go to the left, you can find a bud with a lever hidden inside. Take this lever, go back to the platform and move it to the block with the stairs that went up to the stone disk (using it to open the door to the book). Install the lever at the back and move the block to the opposite wall to climb up and pick up the next page.
  • Next time, you’ll visit Lustha with Amanda. Follow the girl until you need to activate the obelisks using the essence. When you activate the obelisk in the middle of the corridor, between the tentacles, turn into the room on the right and find the tablet. After activation, you will receive the “Trinity Idea” page.
  • When you visit Lust-Ga to find the mask of Ugro-Ekna, you will find a place where you should install the three spheres. After installing two of them and activating a pair of sporangia, climb up the slope using the sporangia tumors and jump into the room with the third sphere. On the right there is a room with essence and sporangium. Use the essence to create a bridge and go back. Lure a corrupted creature across this bridge and kill it near the sporangium. A tumor will appear through a nearby pit, and you will be able to pick up the tablet with the page “Against extremes”.
  • Finally, after the first battle with the final boss in Chapter 15, go through the narrow corridor behind the healing platform. In a room with red columns, go to the left, while the path to the right leads further along the plot. In the far niche is a tablet with the page “Captivity”.

All the paintings in the mansion

There are three paintings in total, and you can collect them as soon as you get the key to the third floor from Sabinin. On the ground floor, in a room with a pool table, there is a chair on which there is one painting. The second one is located in an adjacent room with a sofa, in a chest of drawers near the passage leading to the corridor next to the library. And the third picture should be found inside the clock, standing in the corridor of the third floor. After collecting all three paintings, go down to the room with the pool table and set them in three positions above the fireplace. At the bottom will be “Hell”, in the middle – “Earth”, and at the top- “Heaven”. Inside the cache will be a statuette of Lau-brak and a page of the Book of Secrets. I wrote about the latter above.

Lavu-abrak Figurines

On the second floor of the mansion, next to the door to the bathroom, there is a table with a glass case. Hidden inside is a ritual blade. It does not increase the damage, just looks more beautiful than a normal knife, and unlocks the achievement. To open the case, you need to collect four figurines. The first one is hidden in the fireplace niche on the first floor. Read more in the section just above, about paintings.

Look for the next statuette inside the chest of drawers on the second floor, next to the wooden staircase to the attic (opposite it, at the railing). It turns out, right in the middle of the floor, if you consider the residential wing. The third statue is hidden inside a stone bust on the stairs connecting the second and third floors. In this bust, you need to install the skull that lies on the bottom shelf of the bookcase in Sabinian’s bedroom. It’s on the third floor, next to Amanda’s room, which is marked with crescent moons. The fourth statue is in the attic. Go up there by the wooden stairs on the second floor after you return Victor’s equipment. Look on the shelf to the right of the closed door.

After collecting all four figurines, go down and place them around the case. Take away the ritual knife, which will replace the usual one.

How to open a secret stash in a billiard room

Finally, there is another secret in the mansion. In the billiard room, there is a cue stand in the corner. And on it – a combination lock of different characters. Go to the recreation room on the second floor, where the Sheckley twins are sitting at the beginning of the game. Look for a horse figurine on the cabinet, and on its base – three numbers and a symbol. Remember this all. Go down to the library and find the books that will show these numbers. Remember the characters that correspond to them (the numbers 3, 4, 1). Enter these three characters on the combination lock, adding to them the fourth, which by default was indicated on the horse figurine. You will open the cache. This is the developers ‘ room, with their names on it. There are also bandages, sedatives, and a magic potion.

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