Galaxy prepared for the “Bad” your final test. “Murder on Eridan” – the last story addition to The Outer Worlds in which you take on the role of the inspector, trying to uncover the motives and reasons of the murder of the star actress Helena Alginskoe. In this guide I cover all side story quests, and I will tell you how to get both endings, which one is the best, but I’ll start with, how to start a Supplement.


Note. In addition, the guide shows the location of all the unique and scientific types of weapons added in the last story DLC.

How to start a Supplement

First you need to download the files from add-ons store (Steam, PS Store, etc.). Remember, the developers recommend to pass DLC content upon reaching level 30, the main character. If you have been “radio silence on the Monarch,” and left the planet, visit “Bad” and move to the navigation cabin to HELL. The artificial intelligence of the ship I noticed that he was able to detect the new air wave. If no progress in the story so far, do it.

Talk to ADA and watch the video. After all this, you will be contacted by the administrator of Ludovico Corporation “Rizzo” to hear the details of tragic events. In addition, you will be able to communicate with Cedric Kincannon and constable kin. Then interact with the star map and go to Eridan – the planet in its upper left corner. Start to undergo The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos on boysgames.fun.

The last role of Elena Alginskoe

At the landing site chat with messenger Norville, after learning more about the planet. After receiving the information go to the hotel “Grand Colonial” follow through reception and walk to the front door. Located in the garden. Log in to the hotel, walk through the foyer to the Grand ballroom for a lift. Here is the line enclosing the scene. Talk to constable kin and Goodnight. They will share some facts. In the end, Dr. Goodnight will provide you with the amplifier NC powerful technological device which will help you with the search of evidence. In addition, it refers to the unique types of weapons.

Equip it to any weapon slot, and then examine the crime scene. For CIN will be a few tracks that you can perform using the amplifier inconsistencies. Then discuss the evidence box, select all phrase, and then find out that you need to go in purpurine gardens.

Can talk Goodnight, and then again from CIN, and then, before heading to your apartment (penthouse of the hotel), consider a broken bottle. On the floor there is a hint the letter B. the Job is complete.



Amplifier inconsistencies.

Instant taste purpurite

Go back to the lobby and talk to the Concierge Halston, standing on the left. It will log you into the penthouse, as well as share some gossip. Ask her about Elena Alginskoe, the boyfriend Bertie Black hole and the partner Voice. Now go to the Elevator and talk to the Manager. Ask to take you to the penthouse. Inside the penthouse will be a base for your team. Here is every member of the crew of “Hopeless”, a workbench, and so on. If you want to choose another partner, go back to the penthouse and make it.

But before you go, there are a couple of points. First talk with the administrator Ludovico using the terminal on the left side. Ask him to grant you access to purpurine gardens. After that, the goal will change. In the dining room with Felix have a helmet that increases the range and efficiency of the amplifier inconsistencies. In the bedroom on the opposite side is the clue of the missing legendary gun Elena Alginskoe. Take from the dresser to the audio recording and listen to the rambling message from Bertie. Finally, use the terminal on the table. Read the message below to a new goal – to find the Prophet of Profit, which had a falling out with Elena. Go back to the lobby and exit on the South side of the building. You will be in the pool area.

Go across the bridge in purpurine gardens. On the way we can get a couple of minor missions. On the island between the hotel and purpuricenini gardens can be found a unique weapon “the Freezer”. In the Northern part of the island there is a small plot of land. From this side you can get into the room to get the door open, and there will be a weapon.

When they reached purpurina gardens, you can take a side job at DeWitt in the box to the right or to the advantage of traders over the counter on the left. Activate the amplifier and walk in the footsteps of Helena. This is simple enough. Sooner or later you will find a telescope. Lying nearby pick up the key card and go to the lab on the right. Also on the way between laboratory and space with the telescope are containers. One of them is open, and inside is a unique weapon “Koper”.

Inside it listen to Dr. blossom and agree to help. Go down the Elevator to the lower level, carefully make your way past enemies, following a clockwise direction around the perimeter of the floor. Or kill everyone. If you can secretly sneak in the back room, find a hole in the wall, behind which there is a terminal that allows you to run the sleep (all the madmen will be cleared). Go upstairs and wait till you open the door, and inspect the laboratory. Amplifier examine three dead, pick up the access card from the office of blossom and go into the corridor on the right. On the left there is a technical room with open ventilation. Check the amplifier to make a final conclusion and complete the mission. The office is orange blossom vodka is one of the ingredients to produce a “Spectral Gatling”.

The Queen of productivity

Go back to “Grand Colonial” and talk on any topic with Norville. The messenger stands in the lobby near the Elevator. After talking with him, you learn that Elena has a fight with a certain Seer Profit, which is located in the centre of the operation of the fauna. Go to the marker and use the Elevator that raises up. There are several characters with the side quests. But in the story you just go to the top right part of the region, to enter into an abandoned bunker and find where the Seer. Her tent is on the left. Talk to the Seer, use the amplifier for the grass, lying on a bench at the entrance to her tent (inside, so to be more precise – at the exit from the tent.) Chat with Aliya, standing in front of me and read the message on the terminal at the far wall. Talk to a Seer, go outside and go left on the trail that will lead to the place where she left Elena’s body. Apply everywhere amplifier, and then return to the woman. She asks to arrest her, but in fact the Prophet of Profits didn’t kill Elena Alginskoe.

In the same operation fauna stand in the center of the region and go up the map, to the North. Under the rock on the outskirts of the region there will be a corpse with a unique weapon – “Chelovecheskoi” (object sticking in the corpse). Continuing the passage of The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos portal boysgames.fun.



At any time, you can visit the penthouse in the “Grand Colonial” to familiarize yourself with the investigation.

The Prince of tombola

Continue chat with constable Keane in the ballroom, the “Grand Colonial” immediately after the mission “the Last role of Elena Alginskoe”. So you know about this ex-boyfriend of Elena Alginskoe, Bertie Black hole. Go to the lobby and talk to the Concierge at resepshn. Halston will not just give a pass to the VIP level, so you’ll have to use Persuasion, Intimidation, or pay a few bits. Then use the nearby Elevator and go to the VIP level. Once you’re at the top, go left and look at the last apartment belonging to Bertie Black hole. Using the amplifier inconsistencies should search the room and analyze traces in the trashcan or on the floor a little farther from the bed. When you do, you will point to the new token. Also in the room Bertie, near the bed is a unique weapon “is Signed tobalina stick”.

Move to the island with the navigation deck, but instead go into the building on the right. This control stations weather, and there will be a corpse. Scan the dead body and a bottle nearby. After that visit the port of Piraeus. If no access, wait for the next job. In the spaceport bar is Bertie. Talk to the guy to see about his alibi. Can interrogate orika that truly confirm the words of Bertie. Go back to “Grand Colonial” to report to Ludovico.

A man who knew how to get

To begin this mission, you must complete the quest “the final role of Helena Alginskoe” and then to talk on any topic with a Goodnight and a constable, keen. Complete the mission “Instant taste purpuric” and go back to the hotel. Chat with Goodnight, who is in his lab, and then talk to Halston at the reception. The girl refuse to give the keys. Change her mind or will pay, and then lift up on the VIP floor (by Elevator). Not to be confused with penthouse! There are a few areas, but you are interested in apartments in the right corridor. Talk to Spencer Voicem, who claims that he, as Elena was poisoned. Go down and go to the kitchen, located behind the ballroom, where the body was found Elena Alginskoe. Chat with a chef. He will deny any accusations.

The next part of the quest consists of two purposes. You can perform them in any order. One of the markers will lead you to the port of Piraeus, where you will be able to personally meet with Cedric Kincannon. At the entrance to the spaceport, you will meet a mysterious killer. Kill them all or try to convince the attack. In any case, then you should visit the office of Kincannon and listen to the man. This will be part of the quest “the Prince of infection.” And while you get to this building, to be in constabulary. Talk to the drone, go ahead and find a dead body. Take the key card and apply it to the terminal nearby to study the videos of the kitchen. Once you do that, go to the Central island and follow to the second marker. He will bring you to the island nearby. Kill all the enemies and search the corpse messenger Owens to get a receipt. Also near the Owens is a cave. Go down it and kill the three media. Search entire body, take the key and go into a building near the dead body of Owens. Apply the key to the safe to get out a unique weapon “Short circuit”.

After all this, go back to Valrico on the VIP floor for questions. You learn that he was poisoned especially Elena, but the substance wasn’t powerful, she and max had to skip lunch. Let everything Ludovico. Can cover Spencer or to tell the truth. In any case, it won’t affect the story line or ending of the Supplement.

The Prince of infection

To start this mission, you must perform the story mission “the Man who knew how to get”. Immediately after that, exit the “Grand Colonial” and go to the port of Piraeus, where you will be able to personally meet with Cedric Kincannon. At the entrance to the spaceport, you will meet a mysterious killer. Kill them all or try to convince the attack. In any case, then you should visit the office of Kincannon and listen to the man. Before leaving, pick up a booster inconsistencies and read a book in the corner office worker Cedric. It turns out she’s a hidden bug. Go down and exit out. Go past the bar to a toilet stall, which will roll another book. Apply it to the amplifier to detect the receiver. Then visit the warehouse of TEARS, climb up and chat on any topic with a girl who will tell you everything. After a conversation with Ella you will receive a key card which can be applied to the terminal nearby. Leave the warehouse of TEARS and go to the desired point. Then locate the automaton. Apply the amplifier and in conversation with automatons require to disable a defense mechanism. If you fail, the robot will subsequently have to be destroyed. By doing this, tell Cedric about the outcome of the investigations, and then go back to the “Grand Colonial” to report the penthouse in front of Ludovico.

Note. When will be inside the warehouse TEARS, be sure to go to the far right corner to find open container with a unique weapon “VA-Bank”.



Unique weapon “VA-Bank”.

Unfinished charge

This mission is activated after 2-3 quests, as described above. And it does not matter in what order you took them. It is important that you check the two suspects, after which you will be able to tell Ludovico who is who. It is important that each of the activities above denies the guilt of suspects, so you can come to the logical conclusion that none of the listed persons are not to blame. And will be able to accuse the Ludovico. Continuing the passage of The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos portal boysgames.fun.

Naked guess

When you try to accuse someone in the conversation with Ludovico, run this task. He says that someone attacked the station distillation “Rizzo”. All other story missions mentioned above will fail (cancelled). Go to the station distillation and look for the left Elevator leading inside. That is, you need not go inside through the main entrance, and a lift at the side of the station. Him and specifies the token! Kill all the enemies, go inside and interact with the remote to remove the panel and see Elena Alginskoe. After learning the truth you will be able to choose the direction of Helena or Ludovico. Depend on the mission, listed below. And if you walk inside the station distillation through the front door, go into the room with a huge head “Rizzo” and break the door in the far left corner. If you can make her drop and climb into the room on the left. Left behind the glass is a unique weapon “Charge”. If you choose the administrator side, soon will have to kill Elena. And her corpse can be collected scientific weapons “Holisic” (shoots three different types of shells to switch between which it is necessary to use recharge R; has unlimited ammo, no reload necessary to replenish the cage). And if you select the side of Elena, then returned to the penthouse talk to her and verify conviction 65. In this case, Elena’ll provide you with their weapons.

Infernal explosive mechanism Helena Alginskoe

If I tell you that is ready to support Ludovico, Elena was angry, and you will need to locate a bomb. Follow through the whole complex, Dodge (jump) from steam and use the amplifier on all the selected devices. One of them is a bomb. Once you neutralize the subject, leave the station distillation and return to the penthouse. Use the terminal to discuss the action plan with the administrator Ludovico.

The story of two disasters
After doing this, visit the island with a navigation deck. You need to go inside the building, guarded by the SLIZ fighters. Cedric will be angry with you, so you will have to fight with all of them. Interact with the terminal, follow down the museum and find the door with the elevator. Go to the lower level and look for the remote control. After intercepting it, go back to the PHAETOn terminal and demand to spray the maggots. Elena Alkionskaya will be waiting for you here. Kill the girl to complete the mission.
A brief moment of life
Then he would have to go back to the Rizzo distillery and find Ludovico himself in the back room. He will deceive you, but will be killed by the Slug Queen. Destroy it. Use the control panels on the sides to activate the fire turbines and deal additional damage to the enemy. And in the end, it will be enough to return to the “Hopeless” to Ada.
If you decide to support Elena of Alcyone instead of Ludovico, follow through the door on the left, avoid the steam jets and wait for Elena to open the door. Then you will need to open the door for her by walking around the perimeter of the room and pulling the lever.
Volatile medicine
To create a cure for slug larvae, you will have to find three ingredients. But first, talk to Elena herself in the penthouse. Go to the Piraeus spaceport, kill the enemies and get to the SLIZ warehouse, which you visited during the “Prince of Infection” mission. Go to Ella’s office and pick up a bottle of Spritz extract that is on the table.

Now follow the Fauna Exploitation Center and go to the abandoned bunker where the Profit Seer is located. At the end of the corridor there is a door leading to a room with an elevator. Go down and search the cave. After destroying the enemies, take the cocoon. Back in the penthouse, use the device to create a cure. Go to the navigation deck, use the PHAETON terminal and add the medicine to it. Listen to Ludovico.
The thing that screamed for love in the heart of the world
It will be the same here. You need to go deep into the distillation station and destroy the Slug Queen, which will attack you as soon as it eats the administrator.
Time to go home, Captain
Before you leave Eridanus, talk to Cedric and Elena, who are waiting for you at the landing pad. By the way, Elena will have to return the Needler pistol.
Side tasks
The pool that hides the horror

Standing next to the polluted pool is Rizzo security guard Dolph McCallister. Chat with him, then check out the pool. In particular, you need to analyze the amplifier device located at the bottom, right in the water (near the wall). Learn it without the booster to get a new task. Walk around the hotel and find the greenhouse marked with a marker. There are many interesting things inside it. For example, three tanks with different liquids, controlled by attached terminals, as well as a diary with a description of all the substances.

  1. chlorinozol (red)
  2. hydrochloric acid (green)
  3. bromine oxidizer (yellow)
  5. hydrogenated anti-foaming agent (orange)

Go back to the hotel, but instead of going inside, go up to the second-floor balcony, where the marker points. Here you will find Donovan Matthas, the creator of the very formula for the water purification product. Talk to him to find out the correct formula composition. Go back to the terminals in the greenhouse and put 1, 5 and 4 ingredients on them. After making the right remedy, go back to the pool and pour it into the pipe. If everything is done correctly, the pool will be cleared. Chat with Dolph, who will reward you with a key to the SLIZ warehouse. You can prepare any other remedy by making a mistake in the composition of the formula. In this case, the pool will be ruined. We continue the passage of The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos on the portal StopGame.ru.

The strange disappearance of the watchman

Chat with Lily Vargas, who is at the entrance to the purple gardens, and say that you are from the pool guard (Dolph). She will tell you that one of the best watchmen is missing, and ask you to find out what happened. You need to find Evan at the checkpoint at the fauna control center. Go through the bridge in the direction of the island captured by the bandits. Kill all the looters and scan the body of the guard on the roof and behind the crates on the side. Inside the hut, located to the left of the bridge leading to the purple gardens, there is an audio recording. Get inside and listen to it. You will update the current task.

There is another option. After the conversation with Lily, you can go to the checkpoint next to the greenhouse. Climb inside through the hole in the roof and examine the note lying on the table. After that, get out and go to the biological compartment nearby. Study the note attached to the board, apply the amplifier to the table with cards. The door on the left opens with the key you received from Dolph for cleaning the pool.

After that, go outside and go to the very place that is described in the first paragraph. Only now will there be evidence pointing to him. After studying the information on the terminal, as well as the corpses nearby (optional), go to the lobby of the hotel and look for the stairs leading down to the right. Go down there, get to the marker and inspect the closed door. Apply the mismatch booster to the floor and then interact with it to discover a well-hidden key. Open Room A2, kill the monster, and examine Evan’s dead body. Chat with Amelia. The girl confesses that she accidentally killed Evan, and you can blame her for the conversation with Lily or cover up, taking her word for it. One way or another, the task will end. Also in the basement under the hotel there is a corridor B (parallel to corridor A). Find room B2 there, open it and crawl into the next room, where there is a unique weapon “Thunder”.

A maze of diverging paths

On the territory of the purple gardens, you can find a maze. It is located in the lower part of the region. Talk to a lawyer at the entrance and agree to help. Inside the maze, there are two more women who are looking for vodka. And you can pass the “Original” one to the lawyer or them. But first, go deep into the maze, using short moves and killing enemies. There, inspect the stand where the bottle was “Original”, and scan the traces on the floor with an amplifier. Also in the very center of the maze, on one of the benches inside the gazebo is a unique weapon “The Courage of Captain Robin”.

Go to the greenhouse in the center of the purple gardens and chat with Reynolds. Leave him the vodka to complete the quest right now, or pick up the item and give it to Salina, Samuel, or Emily. All of them are in the maze (Samuel at the entrance, Salina and Emily on the right and left behind the entrance).

The runaway milkmaid

As soon as you get to the Fauna Exploitation Center, you will find a hunting goods store at the entrance. Chat on all topics with Mildred Lennox, who will give you a task. Go behind the store and find a clearing with psids and Betty the milkmaid automaton. You can kill all the psids or sneak past them and get tested when interacting with Betty. So it will be possible to do without a fight. Return to Mildred for the reward – the scientific weapon “Dawn”. When hitting an opponent with some probability, it makes it magnetized. In the future, all the magnetized targets are attracted to each other. Also note the metal building just beyond where Betty was discovered. This building is marked with a square on the map of the region, located on the western edge. Go up there, kill the psid and look outside (the building does not open) for the unique weapon “Plasma Jet Engine”.

Two pair of boots

In the Piraeus spaceport, there is a bar on the lower level where you can chat with Dash Whitlock. Listen to him, then go upstairs and find the detention cells. Cassidy is sitting in one of them. Chat with the woman and move back to the bar. However, if you can, try to convince her with your skills. Dash will tell you the password that you need to say in a conversation with Cassidy. Do this and go to the far corner. Here you need to convince Benton to give you the cargo. Or bribe him with bats. If you can’t do it, or if you want to be more subtle, go a little further than Dash’s booth and see a hole in the fence. Through it, make your way to the forbidden territory, climb up the containers and climb into the building through an open window. There will be contraband cargo on the side. It should be taken to the nearest store in the Piraeus spaceport. Sell the cargo and return to Dash. Decide how much money he deserves. If you return the full amount, Dash will tell you that he can now pay the ransom for Cassidy.
Faction assignments
In our own way, we are loyal to you, ” Rizzo»

Visit the purple gardens and immediately talk to the merchant in the building on the right side. Dewitt will issue a new side task. It consists of three parts, but everything is quite simple. Visit all the places. In one, destroy each flying drone, and in the other two, scan the container with seedlings and the control panel. In both cases, you need to apply a mismatch booster to the objects. After all this, you will be able to choose who and to whom should pay the penalty. The decision does not affect anything, the task will end in any case, the reward will be identical.

PHAETOn Monster

To take this quest to the final tasks, before completing the mission “Unfinished Prosecution”, go inside the navigation deck and interact with the PHAETON terminal ahead. This opens access to the floor below. Go down to the museum and find the elevator. Go down, clear the entire floor, finding the key card, and go down below on another elevator (opening the door with a key card). Clear the last floor and use the computer. Go back to the terminal. Also, when you go down in the second elevator, in the second room, look to the left. Climb to the bridge from above on the yellow ladder and pull out of the corpse a unique weapon – “Roll”.

Primal Heart

To take this task, you need to go to an abandoned bunker in the Fauna Exploitation Center. There you will get on the task “Queen of Productivity” to meet with the Seer of Profits. Chat with Victoria Foxworth, who is sitting at the tent on the right. She will ask for help with an old man who refuses to hand over his lands to the hunters. Go to the old man, after which you can offer him your help, convince or attack. In the second and third cases, you will receive a donation and can give it to Victoria. In the first case, you will have to meet with Victoria, who is waiting in the hunter camp in the same region. And kill every single one of them. Then return to the old man for the reward. You can also get a unique weapon “Feather” as a reward, but only if you offer the old man help and deal with the hunters. And if you kill a man, there will be no weapons on the corpse.

There is a river near the hunter camp. Downriver, on the right, is an abandoned restaurant. On its terrace, where someone clearly committed a pogrom, you can find a unique weapon “Firecracker”. We continue the passage of The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos on the portal StopGame.ru.

Where does the spectral line lead?

When you find yourself in the laboratory of the purple gardens, after the death of Dr. Blossom (will happen in the story), search her room. Use the terminal on the left and right to get the first order. You will need to find 8 types of spectral vodka to open the lock on the terminal and pick up the scientific weapon “Spectral Gatling”. This weapon fires different projectiles, and with each subsequent shot, the rate of fire will increase (until you stop shooting). Just search all the objects in the purple gardens and you will be able to get a bottle with each spectral vodka. Or you can visit the distilling station to collect the bottles in one place. Once you have collected all 8 varieties, use the terminal and pick up the weapons.

Early check-out

On the territory of the Fauna Exploitation Center, right at the entrance and a little further from the hunting grounds store, you can find a man and a woman. Talk to them and agree to help. Four markers will appear. Each leads to the corpses with key cards from the hotel. You need to clear the area in the area of the corpses, pick up the key cards and return to the couple. The task will end. You can give them the keys or tell them that you hid them (trap them).

Caves of Zeal

In the upper-right corner of the Fauna Exploitation Center is the scientist Virgil Henderson. Take the task and go to the caves. Kill the enemies and find two records in the cave. After that, at the bottom of the cave map, look for an elevator that will take you to the factory. Here you can get the third entry. Take them to the questor to get a reward of 750 bits.

Pteroscate Trap

Inside the navigation deck, at the bottom left (museum), there is a character named Telbert Wolcott. Take the task from him, go through all the markers and bring the items. All of them are marked with markers, and it is quite simple to do this. You won’t even have to fight. The most important thing is that as a reward, Wolcott will give you a unique weapon – a “Power Magnum”. On this walkthrough of The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos on StopGame.ru completed.

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