Top games for weak PC

Games for weak PCs

According to Steam statistics, a very small percentage of users have top-end computers that can run all new games at the maximum graphics settings. In turn, the main audience of gamers uses “popular” inexpensive configurations. Therefore, the search for games for weak PCs is still more than relevant. This section will help you find suitable options: here you will find services that will help you avoid the need for a computer upgrade, collections that present the best games in certain categories, as well as the top games for weak PCs, which contains projects worthy of priority attention.

In this article, you will find services that will help you avoid the need to upgrade your computer, collections that present the best games in certain categories, as well as the top games for weak PCs, which contains projects worthy of priority attention.


One of the most popular MMORPGs in the CIS, which has received popular recognition due to hardcore PvP, an emphasis on teamwork, a developed role-playing system, as well as extensive opportunities for player socialization. You will have to fight in Lineage II not just a lot, but a lot, and in between large-scale and not-so-large battles, you can take part in the political life of the game world, sell accumulated loot and other interesting activities.System requirements


An online shooter in the spirit of Counter-Strike, which, due to its extremely low system requirements, is suitable for very weak PCs and laptops, but at the same time produces quite a decent picture. Here, players can choose from a wide range of modes and maps, an impressive arsenal of weapons, and a whole mountain of customization items that can help them stand out among faceless special forces and bandits. All this is complemented by an incredibly dynamic gameplay.System requirements


Korean MMORPG with beautiful graphics, a huge world and spectacular landscapes that can be admired from a bird’s-eye view-one of the main features of Aion is the system of flying on its own wings. The visual beauty is accompanied by an epic storyline, a large selection of classes and professions, as well as advanced PvP. System requirements


Another MMORPG on our list that boasts a strong emphasis on PvP battles. PK (player killer) is encouraged here, so fights between players unfold literally everywhere, not counting cities that have become a safe zone. Moreover, the scale of battles is limited only by the wishes of gamers: you can challenge an opponent to a duel, or you can take part in a mass siege of the castle, earning pleasant bonuses for yourself and your clan. In general, if you value online games for the opportunity to fight with real people, and not bots, R2 Online will be the perfect option for you. System requirements


The mobile version of the acclaimed “Battle Royale”, which can be played on a PC using the Android emulator. Here everything is just like in the” senior ” PUBG: 100 participants on one map, weapons and equipment scattered around the location, a gradually narrowing zone, a battle to the last survivor. The game differs from the computer version only in more modest graphics and a modified interface.System requirements


Online shooter from Valve, which has become a recognized classic of the genre. A never-ending war between the Red and Blue teams, richly seasoned with great humor and dynamic gameplay. A time-tested set of classes, a huge selection of modes and maps, thousands of incredible situations that are constantly generated by the players themselves. Oh, and of course, the caps. System requirements


The iconic cube sandbox that has won millions of minds around the world. In Minecraft, everything is interesting: survive, explore the world, craft items, fight enemies, and create-create a wide variety of objects, the size and shape of which are limited only by the imagination of players. Such an extensive list of features provided the creators of the game with huge profits and led to the appearance of many clones, none of which, however, could surpass the progenitor.System requirements


MMORPG from domestic developers in an unusual setting, where the anime style and European flavor are fancifully intertwined. Royal Quest is both fun and hardcore, contains a large selection of activities and attracts a cute picture. If you love games in the spirit of Diablo, but want to get more socialization than the brainchild of Blizzard offers, then do not pass by this project – it can probably give you what you need. System requirements


Cosmic MMO action game from the authors War Thunder, which offers, in general, the same thing, but in a sci-fi setting. The world of the game is large, but cramped, so the battles in it unfold literally at every turn. You will have to take part in them, taking command of your own spaceship. And in between space battles, you can dig around in the hangar to your heart’s content, setting up and customizing your ships – there are more than enough spare parts, guns and decorations here. The game works perfectly on any configuration, including weak entry-level laptops. System requirements


A game for experienced strategists, in which you will build and develop a fortress to become the richest and most powerful lord in the area. To achieve this goal, all means are good: influence your neighbors by political, economic or military means, seize territories, set unaffordable taxes for your subjects – in general, get an unforgettable experience of the life of a medieval ruler.


One of the best free MMORPGs for PC, offering for very modest system requirements to plunge into the fascinating fantasy universe “Forgotten Realms”, borrowed from the board game Dungeon & Dragons. The world in the game is represented by the majestic city of Neverwinter and its surroundings, which are regularly exposed to various dangers. A huge bestiary of mobs, unforgettable bosses, dungeons full of traps and treasures , exciting quests and legendary artifacts-all this awaits brave adventurers in Neverwinter.


The legendary competitive shooter of 2000, which has already experienced 2 reincarnations (Counter-Strike: Source in 2004 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2012), but still remains one of the most popular online FPS games. You just need to decide on which side you will fight-for terrorists or counter-terrorists – and go to rescue hostages or plant a bomb. Thanks to the extremely modest requirements, you can install the game, for example, on a weak laptop, and fight with rivals in any place that is comfortable for you.


Free multiplayer role-playing game that opens up an amazing and painfully familiar world to users Middle-earth, recreated exactly from the books of the outstanding British writer J. R. R. Tolkien. Well, since the game was released back in 2012, today it can be easily run even on the most hopelessly outdated PC with modest system resources.System requirements


NEXTRP is a role-playing game based on GTA SAMP multiplayer. However, there are almost no similarities with the original – the developers have redesigned the interface, map, character animation, cars, and much more. The player is invited to play the role of an ordinary resident Russia and rise “from scratch”, having a small amount in your pocket at the start.

The essence of the game boils down to playing different roles. Just like in real life, the hero must first get a passport, and then he can work, study for a license and buy a car, serve in government agencies, take the path of a criminal and do many other things. The gameplay is based on social interaction – even the most shy gamer will be able to find their place in this gaming society.System requirements


Hardcore role-playing game that is a searing mix of science fiction and fantasy. The player will have to take the side of one of the three warring factions, create a character and go to explore the open world.

The plot, leveling, mining and completing quests here are not surprising, but the PvP system is interesting. Players will replay heated battles between three factions, and in this war, all means are good – you can help guilds or, conversely, betray them. Simply put, if you are looking for an MMORPG with interesting PvP, then welcome to RF Online.System requirements


Sphere 3-MMORPG from domestic developers. This is a continuation of the popular series, which is one of the oldest on the Russian market.

On the one hand, the game offers all the same activities as other projects of the genre (open world, quests, location exploration). On the other hand, like RF online, it contains PvP-oriented gameplay that includes epic sieges of castles. The number of players in the battles is unlimited, and you can use various strategies, huge siege weapons and much more. As a result, in Sphere 3 you will be able to participate in truly epic battles.


Browser strategy. Once at the head of one of the most powerful nations, players will be able to rewrite history. The Second World War. You will have to fight with other players on the global map, using various tactics (brute force, weapons of mass destruction, diplomacy, and so on) to capture territories and defend your lands.

Among the features of Call of War, you can distinguish: a lot of scenarios and maps, an extensive technology tree, various types of terrain with their own characteristics, and the movement of troops in real time. The whole story will fit right in your browser – such games are a priori undemanding to the system requirements (if they do not have 3D graphics). System requirements


Co-op shooter from Valve, forcing 4 players to join forces in search of salvation in the face of a sudden descended zombie apocalypse. Or, on the contrary, get into the skin of one of several unique game mutants and hunt for other players.

Asymmetric multiplayer, a strong doomsday atmosphere with hordes of the living dead everywhere, a successful combination of first-person shooter, horror and survival – all this has brought the Left 4 Dead franchise an incredible popularity among gamers, which has not subsided to this day. System requirements


Trove is an incredible adventure in a huge fairy-tale world that will definitely appeal to both fans of classic MMORPGs with a fantasy setting, and fans of all sorts of cube sandboxes inspired by the immortal Minecraft. Fight in dungeons, hunt for rare legendary artifacts, or create anything with your own hands (a sword, cart, house, kingdom, world). The game is free and does not require any hardware resources. System requirements


Above, we have already mentioned a sufficient number of excellent games in the MMORPG genre. It’s time to use “heavy artillery”: World of Warcraft, perhaps the most popular game in this direction, which served as an example to follow dozens of other three-dimensional online RPGs. It was released in 2004, has experienced (and continues to experience) many major updates, but still remains very interesting and in demand among fans of the genre.System requirements


One of the best shooters on the PC, with a fascinating fantastic plot and rich gameplay (shootouts, puzzles, chases, and so on), which will definitely run even on the most modest PC. Here you can also remember (and recommend) about two story episodes for Half-Life 2, as well as about the delightful first part and all the add-ons available for it.System requirements


One of the best parts of the Resident Evil series, the first to receive major changes in the gameplay. A full-fledged third-person view and an abundance of memorable battles with creepy creatures and disgusting bosses somewhere in the Spanish outback-all this will surely appeal to fans of tense and gloomy action games. At the same time, the game retains the key features of the previous installments (solving puzzles, exploring sinister and fascinating locations, collecting items in a limited inventory), which will delight loyal fans of the series and fans of survival horror and quests. System requirements


1930, a simple American taxi driver accidentally gets involved in a criminal showdown between several warring mafia clans that turned the fictional American city of Lost Haven into a real battlefield. Prohibition, peppy jazz, Thompson’s pp and bowler hats – if these attributes arouse your interest and strong association with the gangster America of the 30s, then there is no better game than Mafia: You won’t find The City of Lost Heaven for sure.System requirements


A real-time strategy game with RPG elements from Blizzard. An exciting single-player campaign that allows you to play for each of the 4 available factions, a huge number of maps, hot multiplayer battles-all this has made Warcraft III one of the most successful RTS games for PC.

In 2020, the classic version in stores was replaced by an updated version with the title Reforged. You can find the original Warcraft 3 on the Internet

System requirements


A bright and exciting two-dimensional sandbox with a completely destructible world and an abundance of recipes for crafting. RPG elements, beautiful pixel graphics, action, epic bosses, the ability to play online – all these and other pleasant features of Terraria will surely be able to please even the most demanding and sophisticated player with a weak PC. System requirements


An alternative look at the Chernobyl disaster through the eyes of the employees of GSC Game World, which gave players a shooter with elements of survival S. T. A. L. K. E. R. The plot and environment of the game are based on the Chernobyl accident and ideas from the fantastic book by the Strugatsky brothers “Picnic on the Roadside”. Plus, the developers have supplemented all this with their plot and artistic sketches, as well as gameplay features and capabilities. System requirements


An Action/RPG game that throws gamers into the dark world of Sanctuary, where hordes of demons run rampant through the amazing lands. Choose your character class, collect powerful legendary equipment, and crush the legions of Darkness, including the unholy Lord Diablo at their head. System requirements


Unexpectedly exciting farmer simulator with pixel graphics. Restore your grandfather’s farm, get to know the inhabitants of the Stardew Valley, participate in all sorts of unusual celebrations, fish or make a trip to the mine full of forgotten treasures. Unlike most other farming simulators, the gameplay of Stardew Valley is steeped in the spirit of adventure. And in general, the game with its amazing pixel design, relaxing music and joyful atmosphere leaves a very bright and pleasant impression.System requirements


A great stealth action game of 2013, one of the best representatives of the genre, which you can play several times with great pleasure, looking for various new ways and ways to complete tasks. Moreover, you can play not only alone: in Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist there is a cooperative and competitive mode “spies against mercenaries”, offering for each of the parties their own style of fighting the enemy. System requirements


A role-playing action game with an open world and a delightful story, which can be completed in a dozen different ways. Create your own character from scratch, choosing his gender, race and class skills, and then carefully develop all the best in him, choosing high-quality equipment and reliable companions.System requirements


The main character is a middle-aged sheriff of the city of Fribourg, who is six months away from retirement. During this time, he decides to save up a decent amount for a comfortable old age, for which he will have to spin between a sense of duty and his own conscience on the one hand, and city gangs and corrupt officials on the other, trying not to go to extremes and not forgetting about his own benefits.

This Is the Police is first of all a delightful interactive novel with a criminal plot, and secondly-a very original manager who introduces the player to the duties of the head of the city police of a small American city. System requirements


An action game about the adventures of the 47th-an elite hitman, an elegant master of reincarnation and improvisation, able to get to the richest, most influential and well-guarded types in the world. Hitman: Absolution is a game that makes you think fast, analyze, and make decisions on the go. A game that gives users an unprecedented sense of freedom and independence. A game that can be a violent and dynamic shooter, or a sophisticated and sophisticated stealth action game. The best killer simulator on PC. System requirements


A global historical strategy dedicated to domination The Roman Empire. Lead one of three noble families, crush hordes of barbarians, add a sufficient number of new provinces to the Empire, beat your competitors in the domestic political arena – and Rome will open the gates to unlimited power and glory for you. System requirements


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas-a huge open world, consisting of 3 cities and suburbs of the fictional state of San Andreas, in which players expect exciting criminal adventures. A large selection of weapons and vehicles, the ability to change the appearance and upgrade your hero, great music – all this still causes indescribable admiration, despite the fact that the game was released back in 2005.

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