What are anime games?

Anime is a style of animation that originated in Japan. In 1917, the first cartoons were released, imbued with the color of the land of the rising sun.
Manga also appeared long before the anime. There are references to the existence of comic books Dating back to the 12th century. But they received the name” manga ” much later (in 1814).
Manga and anime have common laws on which the plot is based, there is only a characteristic drawing of details. People are depicted with delicate and feminine features, with huge round eyes. Positive characters in manga are beautiful, with wide-open eyes, while negative characters often have their eyes hidden by bangs or a headdress.

What is anime and manga?

You can distinguish between these two directions by drawing the image. Comics-manga – are black and white, and anime-are colored.

They also differ in their plot. So, in the manga, the picture comes first, which is complemented by a short and clear (and necessarily deep) text. Manga stories are often more exciting. In anime, the emphasis is on dynamic video sequences. The plots for many anime series are based on manga. It is manga that is the most common art form in Japan.
These two genres gained popularity due to their originality, as well as due to the variety of plot choices. Here you can find humor, action movies, science fiction, horror, fairy tales, adventures – in General, everything that a person lacks in everyday life. And the most important thing is that, although these are cartoons, they are not at all children’s, but are suitable for an adult audience.

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